Covid-19 Update in Pacific Palisades

A Covid-19 testing site is set up in the Palisades High School Stadium parking lot and is open for students and staff, Monday through Thursday.

Circling the News received an anonymous letter stating that there were Covid-related deaths/illnesses that were affecting a business in town. They noted that Cal/OSHA and the Los Angeles County Department of Health had been notified.

Since the outbreak and reporting of Covid cases began last March, there have been 823 cases in Pacific Palisades, with 15 deaths. In the Highlands there have been 147 cases and one death. Interestingly, Pacoima is situated alphabetically between the two Palisades locations and they have had 22,150 cases with 226 deaths.

(Readers can pull up the stats on the following website: Click here.)

CTN also looked for active outbreaks at non-residential settings that had three or more laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases, which includes workplaces, food and retail stores.

Northrop Grumman in Palmdale had 685 confirmed cases and Smithfield in Vernon had 797 cases. St. Vincent Meals on Wheels and the Miramar both had 14. There were no locations listed in Pacific Palisades that fit the County requirement.

The anonymous letter, which was received on April 5, stated “There are credible rumors a [male worker] died of Covid and that symptomatic workers continue to work.” CTN checked with workers at the location and there were no reported deaths. The County Health Department visited the site on April 5, with no further action.

According to the L.A. County Department of Health, “Data will change based on daily information gathered by public health investigators overseeing, supervising, and closing each investigation. As of March 24, outbreaks that have met criteria for closure (no new cases identified for at least two weeks) but are pending final documentation have been removed from our active outbreak listings.

“As outbreaks continue to decrease, we will be able to identify those that have met criteria for closure more quickly. Confirmed case data reflect aggregate counts abstracted from IRIS’s COVID-19 outbreak details for current COVID-19 outbreaks in Los Angeles County.

“These include cases reported since the beginning of the current active outbreak and may include some cases that have since recovered. Non-Residential settings are included on this list if there is a cluster of respiratory illness in persons associated with the setting including at least three persons who have tested positive for COVID-19. Non-Residential settings include workplaces, food and retail stores, and places of worship.”

As far as vaccinations, as of March 26, about 48 percent of people had been vaccinated in Pacific Palisades (8,095), 47 percent in the Highlands (1,492) and 22 percent in Pacoima (12,359) (The number is updated every two weeks, according to the website).


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