Councilman Bonin Field Deputy Lisa Cahill Takes a New Position with a Westside Nonprofit

Lisa Cahill (second from left), who resigned on June 30, helped with Potrero Canyon ground breaking. Also pictured are Debby Dyner-Harris (former Bonin District Director),  Councilman Mike Bonin and Norman Kulla (former Bonin Senior Counsel). Photo: Courtesy Mike Bonin

(Editor’s note: The following e-mail message went out on Monday from Lisa Cahill, the Brentwood-Palisades Deputy-Environmental Liaison for Councilman Mike Bonin.) 

“Hope that each of you are well. I wanted to reach out and let you all know that my last day with CD11 is  June 30.

“I have accepted an offer as the Deputy Executive Director at a local nonprofit that focuses on supporting children and families. My role will be to lead the strategic vision, supervise their team and build out their board of directors and I am really excited about this new opportunity. However, I am going to miss you all so much!

“I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you and doing what I could to help you in your neighborhoods. Each of you is a hero to me! With the world going through so much right now, knowing that there are community leaders who give their all…day in and day out…is inspiring and gives me hope.

“While we did accomplish a great deal in the last three years, I know there is always more to do. To that end, I have prepared a detailed overview for a new deputy, so that there is (hopefully) a minimal learning curve once they are hired. I have also told the Councilmember and our District Director that I am happy to make myself available for as long as is needed to help answer any questions and make the transition as easy as possible for everyone.

Additionally, I have asked that our office set up an email account for all Palisades and Brentwood matters. I have forwarded many of your emails to that account, so that the onus is not on you to provide the background to the new deputy. This email address: will be intermittently monitored by your Constituent Advocate, Durrah Wagner; the Deputy District Director, Matt Tecle and the District Director, Arianne Garcia

“Moving forward, for issues that are basic casework: call 311 and/or please contact Durrah directly. For things that are more deputy focused: contact Arianne directly and cc the pali/BW e-mailbox. Ideally, this will provide an on-going record for the new deputy that will help them onboard that much more quickly.

“It is hard saying good-bye at any time but harder I think, during this time of covid-distancing…so I will think of it as not a good-bye but as a new chapter and one that I hope you will all continue to be a part of.

“Sending you all virtual hugs & best wishes.”

Lisa Cahill

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