Bronco Cardinals Capture Top Honors: Will Ride in Parade

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After the Cardinals score the winning run, the dugout erupts (left to right) assistant coach Kevin Tyler,   James Jelline, Charlie Smolinsky, Jay Thakor and Grayson Hall (and friend in the hoodie).
Photo: Rich Schmitt

The Pacific Palisades Baseball Association Cardinals captured the championship title on May 30.

By defeating the Tigers in the Bronco World Series Game, the Cardinals have earned the right to ride in the 4th of July parade.

Cardinal’s coach Brandon Murphy said, “The things that made this team so successful were strong chemistry, a positive outlook and a ‘no quit’ attitude.”

During the regular season, the Cardinals led the league with a 10-3-1 record. “We played solid defense all season, and had a great pitching staff and strong hitters,” Murphy said.

Once playoffs started, his Cardinals beat the Orioles and Yankees to stay in the Championship bracket.

But the Tigers, which is one of only three teams to beat the birds in the regular season came roaring back.

Coached by Ollie Dunn, the Tigers lost to the Pirates in the first game of the tournament, but bounced back beating the Orioles and the Dodgers, forcing a faceoff with the Cardinals.

Murphy said his team “never got down when things didn’t go their way, but always believed that they could come back and pull out a win, which showed in the Championship game.”

The game was tied three different times. “Every time we’d tie it up, the Tigers would go ahead, and we had to keep fighting,” Murphy said.  The Tigers gave us the fight of our lives.

“We were down by 2 runs in the last inning when Jayce Murphy hit the game-winning double in the bottom of the eighth,” the coach said. “I’ve been involved in a lot of baseball games in my life, both as a player and a coach, and I can honestly say that this game goes down as the greatest game I’ve been a part of. “

Murphy added, “Hats off to the Tigers and their coach, Ollie Dunn, for a great season.”

Before becoming head coach this year, Murphy served as an assistant coach for PPBA for the past three years prior to this. His older son Jayce, who hit the winning run, moves up to Pony next year, and his younger son Cy moves up to Bronco.

Murphy doesn’t know if there will be any head coaching spots available next year, but “If I never get to be a head coach again, I’m grateful I got to do it this year with such a great group of kids.”

Members of the Cardinal roster included: Flynn Gallagher, Joshua Glaser, Grayson Hall, James Jelline, Sam Klein, Cameron Liska, Jayce Murphy, Judah Roberts, Lucas Sacks, Charlie Smolinisky, Jay Thakor and Grant Tyler.

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