Angry Neighbors Convince City to Halt Construction of Oversized House on Marquez

One neighbor characterized this oversized house as “Westminster Abbey.”

After a neighborhood-wide campaign to have the City explain why it granted permits for construction of an over-sized house on Marquez Avenue at Ida Street, the City announced on March 3 that construction has been temporarily halted.

(To read the previous story in Circling the News, visit:…n-marquez-avenue/).

Binh Phan, assistant chief of the Permit and Engineering Bureau, sent a notice to Hamid Hajmomenian, owner of 1679 Marquez, that building permits 18010-10000-05671 and 19020-1000-03544 and grading permit 18030-1000-008116 were revoked. The notice was subsequently posted at the site.

“Hereby, you are ordered to immediately stop all work related to the construction of the dwelling with basement and attached garage, retaining walls, and associated grading,” Phan said.

The letter stated that the initial permits had been issued in error because:

  1. The required clearing on the Building and Grading permits was not obtained prior to the issuance of a Coastal Development Permit.
  2. The 5,559-sq.-ft. structure would exceed the maximum allowable floor area because it includes all the areas under the covered areas and under the cantilevered floors and trellises; and the first level of the dwelling does not meet the definition of a basement.
  3. A three-feet minimum setback is required on the side yard, and the roof deck does not have the required setback.
  4. The platform (or landing space) projecting into the required side yard exceeds the maximum height of six feet above natural grade and is not permitted.
  5. Unenclosed balconies may extend into required yards, provided they are uncovered and not included within the exterior wall of the building; these balconies do not comply as projections and not permitted.

Neighbors were quick to respond, applauding the City’s action to curtail construction of what one resident called “Westminister Abbey.”

One neighbor wrote “To all City Officials: I am writing this email with immense gratitude to our city officials for making our neighborhood heard and doing the right thing. Your action regarding 16796 Marquez Avenue provides all of us hope that project like this will never happen again and the Marquez area zoning will once and for all be formulated to protect the residents of this special coastal area.”

However, another resident remained wary, writing to fellow neighbors: “My reading of this notice is that the owner has until March 17 to respond with reasons why the three permits should NOT be revoked.”

The larger question many are asking is, How and why were these permits issued in error?

The Pacific Palisades Community Council is asking its Land Use Committee to address the permits/construction involving this particular house.

Neighbors say that the proper setbacks had not been applied.


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4 Responses to Angry Neighbors Convince City to Halt Construction of Oversized House on Marquez

  1. Gregory Desmond says:

    Easy, follow the money trail. Somebody got paid off somewhere. Dig deeper and expose the fraud, otherwise this will continue to happen. Crooks have been in LA planning, building, water mngt., etc since day one. Watch “Chinatown.” Rest assured that this is not the first time “Hamid” has done this. Research his prior projects.
    Kudos to the hard work of the neighbors.

  2. Stuart Muller says:

    A Perfect Example of “Out of Scale, Rude Intrusion” into Palisadian’s Lives…forever?!
    Based on this design, “What’s Next!”

  3. Andrew says:

    There are roofers hammering away as of 9AM this morning.

  4. Sue says:

    Neighbors called the City to report it–
    Continuing construction under a cease order, seems more than blatant and tells you what you need to know about the building.


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