Will Rogers Beach Reopens, But Parking Lot Stays Closed

Cars were lined up along Temescal Canyon Road this past week, because the beach parking lot was closed. Parking is heavy along all the roads that lead to the beach and along PCH.


A SM Canyon resident wrote to Circling the News: “I went out on Monday night [May 11] at 9:30 p.m. and the right shoulder of PCH from Santa Monica Canyon to Coastline was insane. People were drinking, partying and watching the ocean and blocking the right lane of traffic. I have never seen so many people along the coastline. Much busier than on the Fourth of July.” The resident called West L.A. Police Department Captain Tom, who sent out extra patrol cars on May 12.


On May 13, the following letter was sent to Captain Tom and shared with Pacific Palisades residents by LAPD Officer John “Rusty” Redican. Will Rogers State Beach was reopened that day for active use. The parking lots are to remain closed to help discourage people from gathering. 


Hello all,

I understand that this weekend will be quite busy, so I hope everyone is safe. Due to the beach parking lots being closed, people have resorted to parking all over PCH and flooding the adjacent neighborhoods and creating traffic hazards.

I have received information from the residents in these areas over the past several weekends, of people parking, blocking driveways and double parking illegally. These things are happening with vast numbers and are causing traffic hazards.

Also, there are many cases that have been reported of people drinking and smoking narcotics, while playing loud music and littering. The residents have respectfully asked to have Police and DOT focus on those areas, out of concern that someone may be gravely injured due to the unsafe parking and other factors articulated above.

The roads most effected are accessible from Porto Marina at PCH. They include but are not limited to: Porto Marina Way, Castellamarre, Revello Drive, Lecco Lane, Breve Way, Posetano, Tramonto (and adjoining streets), Vicino and Monte Grigio Drive.

The roads affected off Coastline Drive at PCH are: Surfview and Sandy Cape.

Attention also needs to be given to: Temescal Canyon Road (between PCH and Sunset), El Medio Avenue (south of Sunset) and the Asilomar Bluffs (at the end of El Medio).

Roads at Entrada and PCH that are affected include: West Channel, Mesa, Rustic, Sycamore, Ocean Way, Mabery Road and Ocean Avenue.


John “Rusty” Redican

West LA Beach Detail


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