Why Not Rusty for Senior Lead Officer?

Officer John “Rusty” Redican was always one of the first on the beach to discuss options for transients, which included calling the social workers hired by the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness.

When long-time Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore retired in January 2021, most people assumed that the position would be given to John “Rusty” Redican.

Rusty, an LAPD officer, was assigned to the Palisades beach patrol by Captain Tina Nieto in 2016. He rapidly became a favorite of the majority of residents, not only because he worked with the Pacific Palisades Homeless Task Force, but he was friendly and willing to answer his phone day or night. He gave his number to residents.

If there was a crime, an intruder, any kind of issue in Pacific Palisades, people knew that they could call Rusty and he would be the first to come to the neighborhood.

If you had an issue with graffiti, Rusty would be the first on the scene to look at it. If there was a stranger in your neighborhood or a strange car, everyone knew they could call Rusty.

As the mentally ill and addicted transients came into Pacific Palisades, Rusty was there to assist the task force. He even helped remove a mountain lion that had come to visit residents in Tahitian Terrace.

He went beyond his assigned job of being a beach patrol officer — and almost everyone knew this friendly guy. He might be outspoken, but was willing to put in hard work and aide residents in solving problems. He knew the eight areas of the Palisades from the Highlands, to Santa Monica Canyon, to the bluffs below Via de la Paz.

He was dedicated to keeping our hillsides camp-free and free from fire. One resident pointed out that the two most recent “homeless” fires occurred in Pacific Palisades when he was out for shoulder surgery.

And he was always willing to stop and chat with people, whenever he came to town, which was whenever he was on duty.

Rusty was passionate about his job and passionate about life. And he was passionate about helping people in Pacific Palisades.

Most were thrilled to learn that Rusty had put his hat in the “promotion ring” for Senior Lead Officer, here, a position he was qualified to do.

Although he never got the chance to be a temporary senior lead officer — which four other officers were allowed to do — he did interview for the position.

Then LAPD made the announcement on July 8 that they had selected two other officers to be Senior Lead Officers, and perhaps a third, who already was a SLO, and not familiar with the area or the people, would be promoted to this area.

And Rusty? Someone who had put in six years of his time, here, and who wanted the position was passed over.

If you would like to write an email and send it to Captain Tom and Captain Childs, telling them how much Rusty did for this community, I’m sure Rusty would appreciate the support.

CTN sent an email on July 8, explaining the disappointment over Redican not being selected.

Officer John “Rusty” Redican  36245@lapd.online

Captain Jonathan Tom 32993@lapd.online

Captain Lonya Child Graves  31101@lapd.online

LAPD Officer Rusty Redican with members of the Pacific Palisades homelessness task force and social workers at Will Rogers Beach.

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2 Responses to Why Not Rusty for Senior Lead Officer?

  1. phyllis leshin says:

    Rusty needs to be assigned to keep watch over the Palisades community. Just plain old common sense!
    Forget politics. Bring Rusty back !!!

  2. Taylor says:

    Unfortunately the citizens in the Palisades don’t get to have a vote on who makes SLO. Rusty is a great guy and Cop. You will still have Officers who can respond to your needs. There is always an A-car in the area and now a new SLO. Give them a chance and reach out. Forge new friendships with our Officers and great things will happen.

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