What the Heck Are Those White Things?

White bollards have been installed near several school sites.


A reader sent a photo of white plastic bollards that have recently been installed at several street corners in Pacific Palisades and wondered if this is to keep seniors and careless drivers from hitting the curb when they turn right.

Another reader wrote: “I think these bollards and the new striping to control corners of Palisades Elementary streets (Swarthmore, Bowdoin and Via de la Paz) will improve safety.”

Circling the News turned to Councilman Mike Bonin’s Transportation Director Eric Bruins for an answer.

He responded in a July 20 email, “In preparation for the upcoming school year, LADOT made some upgrades to intersections that are along students’ walking routes to school. In the Palisades, [along with the Palisades Elementary stripping] these were at Alma Real and Toyopa Drive and Ida Street and Marquez Avenue, near Corpus Christi and Marquez Charter schools, respectively.

“They are intended to increase visibility at the crosswalk by preventing drivers from stopping or parking in the red curb zone,” Bruins said. “They also increase compliance with the stop signs and reduce the speed that drivers turn to improve safety.”

CTN had asked about the cost per intersection. Bruins said he didn’t have a cost per intersection because “This was done within LADOT’s general striping budget, so there isn’t a line item for it.”

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