Visit the YMCA’s Pumpkin Patch; Enjoy the Annual Glass Sale; Explore ‘Upcycling’

The Palisades YMCA Pumpkin Patch opened October 1 and will remain open daily through October 30 – or until the pumpkins are gone. The location is Simon Meadow at the corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Sunset Boulevard. This is one of two major fundraisers for the local YMCA.


This Sunday, October 6, the Santa Monica College Art Department will hold its annual glass pumpkin sale at the Patch from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. These are unique one-of-a-kind objects that make interesting gifts and centerpieces.

This event is organized by Local glass artist Teri Bromberg.


Cindy Simon, Dorothy Miyake and Tracey Price have created a colorful installation UPCYCLE 2019 for Winding Way, the nature pathway, adjacent to the patch. “Upcycling is known as creative reuse,” Simon said. “It is the process of taking items we normally consider trash and turning it into something of enjoyment or beauty.”

Simon said that the last two years they’ve decorated the path and trees with yarn-wrapped branches and nature objects.

“This year we decided to shake things up and do something different,” she said. “As we worked on creating UPCYCLE 2019, it was impossible to ignore the incredible prevalence of plastic in our everyday lives. It caused us to be extra dedicated to recycling.”

Everything in the installation is made from plastics and discarded items.

“We upcycled plastic bottle caps and bottles collected from my buddies in the ‘hood and from folks at the YMCA gym,” said Simon, who noted that for the last three months “we immersed ourselves in the process of collecting items, which we considered trash or waste, such as:  1. plastic bottle caps, plastic bottles, plastic waste found on the beaches or parks, plastic bags, plastic cutlery and cups, food service boxes: 2. wooden pallets which are discarded after landscaping projects are complete: and 3. tree trunks which are dumped along Temescal Canyon Blvd. Then we decided to upcycle them!”

Simon said it became an obsessive journey for her as she collected all this junk. “Fortunately, my extremely patient husband was totally fine with it taking up half the garage.”

The installation is an explosion of fun, color and interesting objects in a section of Simon Meadow that everyone can enjoy.

Schools are invited to schedule a time for classes to visit the Patch (and to see the plastic UPCYCLING installation). The Patch is open Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call: (310) 454-7460.

Plastic people and other imaginative uses of plastic “upcycling” will be along the Winding Way path at the YMCA Pumpkin Patch.

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3 Responses to Visit the YMCA’s Pumpkin Patch; Enjoy the Annual Glass Sale; Explore ‘Upcycling’

  1. Mary Streep says:

    This is Awesome !!!!! Leave it to Cindy to come up with this wonderful idea !!!!

  2. Lois Rozet says:

    You ladies do amazing and inspiring work and we are the beneficiaries! BRAVO!

  3. Kari Foote and family says:

    Congratulations Cindy, Dorothy and Tracey on your amazing Upcycling! Cindy, we are happy that your idea turned out so beautifully. We’re glad those SV bottle caps from the stables were integrated into your amazing art 🙂

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