VIEWPOINT: Two Caruso Developments: One Done, One Planned

Caruso Village in Pacific Palisades has its advocates and those who feel it doesn’t represent the town.

The Acorn weekly ran a May 22 story headline: “Caruso Planning Major Changes to the Calabasas Commons.”

Although the project is still in the planning stages, a meeting was held at King’s Fish House at the Commons and Founders Hall at the Calabasas Civic Center with residents, homeowners association presidents and other city leaders.

(This editor remembers the “get-togethers” held at Palisades High School when the Caruso project was proposed in the Palisades and wonders, was there free coffee and food at the Calabasas meeting? Did the women attending, like those on the Palisades Community Council  who supported the project, receive bouquets of flowers? Was Rick Lemmo there to offer flattery and encouragement?)

Chris Robertson, a Caruso VP, said that at the Calabasas meeting, residents “dedicated significant time and energy to share what they love about The Commons and their priorities for the future.”

The Acorn wrote: “Taken together, the changes will bring a series of fresh overtones to the aging shopping center that include an open play area amenable to relaxation, community events and summer outdoor movies for families, and curated small shops in a Euro-Mediterranean-like setting for fans of retail. New upscale restaurants will be part of the mix.

“The construction will remind Caruso aficionados of Palisades Village, where shoppers stroll among a variety of small stores, dine in quaint restaurants, and relax on family-friendly green open spaces in the forward-thinking retail center that opened in 2018. Think also of the Americana at Brand, a Caruso mixed-use center in Glendale, only on a much smaller scale.”

Although reviews were mixed and people were worried about parking and zoning, one person wrote, “Please read letters to the editor from last week’s Acorn. This proposed upgrade has been extremely well-received.”

To that someone replied, “Always two sides to a coin. A measure on the next ballot would be nice.”


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2 Responses to VIEWPOINT: Two Caruso Developments: One Done, One Planned

  1. Paula H Deats says:

    Good idea, a measure on the ballot! The California ballot.

  2. Kathleen Jensen says:

    I have a Senior weekend fitness membership at the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center and have watched progress of the Commons development, including removal of the movie theater. My personal opinion is a movie theater can be built in an optional location, perhaps near the Cambria Hotel off Las Virgenes. They also need another swimming pool in that location, near the Community Rec Center currently under renovation. The Commons plan is generally well-received except those I’ve spoken with are concerned about parking.Sound familiar? My response to those folks is,”Caruso responded to Palisades’ concerns by literally digging deeper to add more spaces.” I expect Caruso ro add more subterranean parking at the Commons too.

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