Viewpoint: Temescal Canyon Is Not the Best Location for Dog Park

The proposed location for the Palisades Dog Park would be along Temescal Canyon Road.


There appears to be an effort to place a long-desired dog park in lower Temescal Canyon, the exact spot not decided. I believe this is not a good idea and CTN has graciously agreed to let me present my reasons.

I’ve spoken with several dog owners who walk their dogs in, or around, the Recreation Center. All state that​ they would not use a dog park in the canyon because of its remoteness and the need to drive.

The Temescal Parkway is a very attractively landscaped place with grassy areas, trees and a meandering path to the beach. Unfortunately, it is also narrow, and placing a large chain-linked, gated structure with wood, concrete and  necessary signage  anywhere on that park, will degrade the beauty and experience for all Los Angelenos.

To get to the proposed park, Palisadians will most likely head down Temescal Canyon Road towards the beach. To reach the park by the playground, a resident will then have to make a U-turn.

Or a resident will park on the downhill side and then jay walk across four lanes of traffic and a bike path to reach the dog park enclosure.

This is a recipe for auto collisions and accidents. During the summer, there is no parking along Temescal Canyon Road as beach goers park on both sides of that road.

There are still some homeless in the hillside and in the underbrush throughout the canyon.

Also, in the tall grasses and underbrush are numerous animals ranging from ground squirrels to deer.  They are hosts for ticks, lice and fleas which in turn can carry and transmit serious microbial diseases including Lyme disease.  Your dog could bring these infected vectors back to your home.

In conclusion:  There is a need for a designated dog park, but Temescal Canyon Park will be a poorly attended, expensive and possibly a hazardous location.

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7 Responses to Viewpoint: Temescal Canyon Is Not the Best Location for Dog Park

  1. Elizabeth Alford says:

    Agreed! On all points. And a dog escaping the enclosure could run head on in to traffic moving at a high rate of speed.

  2. Dee Dee Phelps says:

    I totally agree that Temescal Canyon is not an ideal spot for a dog park.
    Much better locations to seek out are portions of the park on the left side
    of the road going towards the rec center. Another option would be contacting the Y
    and seeing if a portion of their land just North of Sunset could be used.
    Both locations provide parking and walking access. So many dog owners have requested a safe and accessible site for a dog park.

  3. leslie Campbell says:

    Hi…I am out of town so I’m late in responding. I am on the current Palisades Dog Park Working Group committee, and we have been working on this project for 6 long years and others have tried for 30+ years before us. We researched multiple possibilities for locations with LA Rec and Parks and the only location that is acceptable is lower Temescal Canyon. We have been granted 35,000 sq. ft., where the food trucks are currently parked, just above the bathrooms. We did look at Simon Meadows with the YMCA and it may still be an option, but they would require memberships. Dogs are not welcome at the Rec Center and likely never will be. The Temescal Canyon site is currently our only option and designs are in place, as is Measure A funding but our Council Member approval is ever pending. The double gated entrances to both the small and large sections will be on the mountain side verses the street side to avoid issues and it is not too narrow in this location. Also, people will do U-turns on Temescal whether there is a dog park there or not. It has been suggested that down the line we can get RAP to agree to add parking but that is way down the line, and we just want a safe off leash dog park as soon as possible. As for ticks…dogs, and people can get them anywhere outdoors, including the rec center and Simon Meadows.

    In conclusion: this is currently our only option and we have worked very hard to get to this point. If someone has land they want to donate that will fit all the requirements then PLEASE speak up! Everyone has an opinion, but few are willing to do the hard work or know the many parameters. We want this as much as you do but it’s easier said than done. If you want to help you can email us at:

  4. Lynn Hylen says:

    The Palisades Dog Park Working Group also wishes that a site existed without any negatives, but out of 8 sites around the Palisades, the Temescal site (land which has been GIVEN to us by Recreation & Parks) is the only area large enough to fit separate areas for large and small dogs and offer some parking. You mention that a Dog Park in Temescal will “degrade the beauty and experience for all Angelenos” but you did not consider the degradation that children encounter slipping in dog poop while they play at the Recreation Center, or the scary encounters some Angelenos have had with off-leash dogs running up to them. Regarding parking during the summer, there are spots available in the morning and late afternoon, and as the Dog Park would be further away from PCH (near the play structure), people may have to park further north and walk down to it. Lastly, it is always easy to criticize without providing solutions. What is your recommended site, knowing that Recreation & Parks does not allow dogs on park grounds, and all of the people currently bringing their dogs to the Rec Center in town could be cited if Recreation & Parks chose to enforce this?

  5. Viana Lake says:

    Totally agree with all those points (except maybe tbe Lyme disease paranoia). I take my dogs to Santa Monica, and it sure would be great to just walk somewhere. There really aren’t any great other alternatives around town though, land being so valuable. The Y property at Temescal would be great, but I can’t imagine they would want to let it go. What about that low spot in the Rec Center behind the library?

  6. Patrick Jones says:

    I know they have been looking at this site for a long time. A major traffic arterial street is not the best place. Terrible parking problem in the summer. I think this is an accident waiting to happen for both people and their dogs.

  7. howard yonet says:

    Let me add to my comments that in the fall after daylight savings is over it becomes dark starting at 4pm. The canyon becomes a dark and dreary place. No one will go there during the very hours that a dog park is necessary.

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