Unhappy with the Community Council? Then Run for a Position and Get Involved

Every two years, residents can run for a seat on the Pacific Palisades Community Council as an Area representative. If you are displeased with the way the Pacific Palisades Community Council has represented you or if you have fresh ideas that you would like to see the Council implement, plan to run in this year’s election.

Meetings are generally held twice a month on Thursday evening at the Palisades Library, but lately have been held via Zoom.

Voting this year will take place in early September and the newly-elected representatives will start their term on October 1.

For Community Council purposes, Pacific Palisades is divided into eight areas. Visit the website to learn the boundaries.

Pacific Palisades is divided into eight areas (visit: pacpalicc.com and click on Area Maps to view boundaries). To be eligible, a resident must be at least 18 years old in September, and a candidate for Area Rep must live in the area that they seek to represent. Additionally, a ninth representative, the at-large rep will be elected, and that person must either live or own real property or operate a business in Pacific Palisades.

The incumbents running this year are:

Area 1:  Joanna Spak

Area 2:  Steve Cron

Area 3:  Haldis Toppel

Area 4:  Rick Mills

Area 5:  Sue Kohl

Area 8:  Reza Akef

At-large:  Alan Goldsmith

New candidates are invited to challenge those holding office. Incumbents are not running in Area 6 and 7, so those races are wide-open.

If you are interested in running, a candidate statement must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on August 13 and should include:

1) number of years as a resident

2) number of years living in the area

3) if running for the at-large position: your current address, business address or address of real property owned in Pacific Palisades

4) position on issues the candidate believes are of importance to the Community or to the candidate’s area. (Maximum of 200 words.)

Candidate statements shall be published on the PPCC website and also may be published if practical in local newspapers or other news media.

PPCC Chair David Card, appointed the following election committee: Committee chair David Kaplan (PPCC Vice Chair); Richard G. Cohen (Treasurer); Nancy Niles (PP Woman’s Club President); John Padden (PRIDE President & PPCC Representative); Chris Spitz (Secretary); Heather Cohen (Technical Advisor; non-voting).  Questions? Contact Kaplan: dkaplan6@gmail.com.


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