Two Local Eighth Graders Identified with Hit and Run

Two eighth graders, who attend Revere, took this car for a “joy-ride” before causing $2,700 of damage to a parked car.

An eighth grader was waiting in a car parked on the streets near Paul Revere Middle School on April 15.  According to the neighbors, his father went inside the school.

At around 9:30 a.m., a friend, who was late for school got in the car on the passenger side, and the young boy, who was waiting for his dad, started the car. The underaged, unlicensed driver drove down Longworth, which dead ends at the service entrance to the Riviera Golf Club.

A neighbor, who lives near the corner of Longworth, heard a car roaring down the street and squealing tires and came outside and started talking pictures.

The driver made a turn and then headed back towards the school, when the young driver hit garbage cans on the street, propelling them into a parked car and causing $2,700 worth of damage to the vehicle, according to the owner.

The two youth then changed positions, according to an eyewitness, and the other young man drove the car back to where it had been originally parked.

The neighbor filed a police report about the hit-and-run accident and spoke to the parents. Initially, the passenger’s father said he would take responsibility, but then said no, that it was up to the driver’s kid.

The driver’s father said he didn’t know anything about the accident because the car was in the same spot where he had left it, when he returned. He also said it wasn’t his car, but his cousin’s and that he had borrowed it. The car was uninsured.

The Los Angeles Police Department investigated, but the victims were told “nothing can be done because the boys were underage, and no one was hurt.”

The victims’ asked, “we have to wait for someone to get hurt, before they can do anything?”

The car’s owner was told that Revere (Los Angeles Unified School District) can’t punish the kids because they were truant, and the accident occurred off campus.

The homeowners have now turned over the report to their insurance.

The homeowner said, “I’m most disappointed because the boys should have written an apology or done something to make amends.”

The victims feel there should be consequences for the youth for their actions and are upset because “Parents don’t take the responsibility of parenting.”

Another neighbor wrote CTN that “it is shocking to me that eighth graders would do something like this and with no seeming repercussions.”

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