Trash Not Picked up for Two Weeks

Trash had piled up at an apartment building at 16458 Sunset Boulevard and had not been picked up in two weeks, according to residents.

At 16458 Sunset Boulevard, the trash has not been picked up in two weeks by the Management Company hired by Palisades resident Kevin Sabin and Santa Monica resident Lance Zuckerbraun.

Residents said they had repeatedly reached out to landlords to ask them to ensure trash was picked up. They called CTN.

Messages were left for both owners on September 16 by CTN. Late on Saturday, residents contacted CTN late Saturday to say trash had finally been picked up.

People in Pacific Palisades have issues with vermin, so trash pickup is essential. Residents might want to reach out to anyone they know to ensure trash is picked up regularly, before the site becomes a buffet for rats on Las Casas and other apartments on Sunset Boulevard.

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  1. Jill Smith says:

    Shameful. Thanks for reporting this story.

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