Top Indian Cuisine in L.A. Found in Pacific Palisades

Server Kajal Kaur welcomes diners to Taj Palace.

Taj Palace is a local gem for authentic Indian cuisine, under proprietor Sukhwinder Singh.

This editor was introduced to the restaurant, about a decade ago, after refereeing with a person who had recently moved to Los Angeles from India. The question was posed, “Where is the best Indian restaurant in Los Angeles?” The person said, “the most authentic and best food is at Taj Palace in Pacific Palisades.”

I was told the restaurant was known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and that only high-quality fresh ingredients were used. As a parent, I wanted my children to grow up and appreciate a variety of different foods from different parts of the world – besides pasta.

This editor took the family the next week. It’s a beautiful dining room, and the staff friendly and helpful. The kids found food they loved – they particularly liked the Tikka Masala, which they continue to order ($17.95) years later.

The coconut or mango curry with added chicken ($17.95), Mughlai Korma ($16.95), the Vindaloo ($15.95) and the Saag (spinach with a choice of meat $16.95), have all found their way to the table over the  years.

The dishes are cooked to the diner’s preference of not spicy, medium or very spicy.

This past Saturday, the shrimp Vindaloo was perfectly seasoned. The Tikka Masala was once again proclaimed delicious.

The Chicken Korma, so tasty, with the sauce perfectly flavored with a yogurt-based gravy spiced with cardamon, cinnamon and garam masala.

Gobi parantha, which is naan stuffed with ground cauliflower, was exceptionally yummy ($6.95) – the naan breads at this restaurant are cooked in a clay oven.

Once again, this editor made the mistake of ordering a sole garlic naan, topped with garlic and cilantro ($3.95), and barely had a bite before the entire order was gone.

Saffron rice ($6.95) has been a favorite of the family over the years and continues to be the perfect balance with the entrees.

If you are vegetarian or vegan or plan to dine with one, this is your restaurant.

There are so many options to choose from, such as Kashmiri Tikka Marsala (mixed vegetables cooked in tomato masala sauce, $15.95), vegetable Korma (vegetables cooked in traditional curry and cream, $15.95), Gobi Manchurian (deep fried cauliflower cooked in tangy sauce, $15.95), or Bhindi (okra sauteed with garlic, ginger, onions with fresh herbs and spices, $15.95).

There are more than 20 vegetarian options, and next time, vegetable Jalfarezi (sauteed with onions and capsicum in tangy sauce, $13.95), yellow Chana Daal (yellow lentils cooked with Indian herbs and spices, $14.95) and Chana Masala (garbanzo beans cooked in traditional curry, $14.95) will be on this editor’s “to-try” list.

Or try one of the tandoori entrees, Mahi Mahi Fish Takka ($22.95), the Salmon Fish Tikka ($24.95) or the Seekh Kabab ($18.95).

One of the patrons came over to say “Hi” and said, “My boys grew up in here.”

It might be time for new families to discover this lovely restaurant, and residents to rediscover it.

As you plan your next dining option, do not overlook authentic Indian cuisine, located at 15200 Sunset Boulevard, on the second floor, off La Cruz Drive. Call (310) 454-0988 or visit:

The interior of Taj Palace is elegant, and two late afternoon diners enjoyed its beauty.


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  1. Louvenia Jenkins says:

    Thanks so vey much for your accurate accounting of this wonderful Indian restaurant Gem which I frequent as often as I can.I agree with everything you said and I trust that we will never lose them for as long as I have lived in the Palisades, and that has been around seventy years, their standard has always been high, and the food outstanding!!!!!

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