The Mystery of the Cement Pipes along PCH Is Finally Solved 

The construction pipes along Pacific Coast Highway, near George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon, belong to L.A. City and L.A. County.

A reader wrote Circling the News about the cement pipes that are waiting for deployment next to Pacific Coast Highway near Potrero Canyon. He wanted to know what they are going to be used for, and when. He noted that PCH is a scenic highway, and that construction material doesn’t lend to the “postcard” beauty of the area.

CTN contacted L.A. City Bureau of Engineering Civil Engineer Pedro Garcia, who is also in charge of construction for George Wolfberg Park in Potrero Canyon.

Garcia responded in a March 17 email: “The pipes to the left of the chain link fence belong to L.A. County Waterworks division and are for the Malibu Feeder Realignment Project.

“The pipes to the right off the fence are maintenance hole risers and belong to the City. The risers are part of the Potrero Canyon park project, which is scheduled to be completed by spring 2022.”

CTN also asked Garcia about the landscaping contract for GWP at Potrero. “A contract has not been awarded,” he said. “This process takes several weeks, and I anticipate a contract award in May.”

The Malibu Branch Feeder Realignment Project was put out to bid in 2018, specifying replacement and relocation of about 1,500 linear feet of a 30-inch diameter water main along the PCH shoulder between Chautauqua and Temescal Canyon Road.

Christian Bros. General Engineering, Inc. was awarded the $1,163,502 contract that would realign portions of the water distribution main on PCH that goes to Malibu.

Initially, traffic advisories warned that there would be nighttime closures of PCH northbound right lanes from Chautauqua to Temescal.

CTN contacted L.A. County Waterworks for a construction resume update, construction duration and lane closures.

L.A. County Project Manager Philip Siongco told CTN that the project is on hold because Caltrans is requiring more field investigation, requiring core-out samples for soil testing. The pipe is slated to be placed in the Caltrans right of way.

Siongco thought the earliest the project might begin is April, but promised to update CTN, so that readers will be aware of any closures.

An earlier statement said that northbound and shoulder closures would be necessary, but that work hours would be 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.


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