Temescal Canyon Association Will Host Hike in Castellammare This Sunday

Hiking trails around Pacific Palisades have been maintained with help from the Temescal Canyon Association.

The Temescal Canyon Association, which was formed in 1972 and offers monthly hikes in local areas, will host a January 12 hike through the Castellammare area.

Sunday’s walk-and-talk will be led by local historian Randy Young, who is also extremely entertaining. Hikers will meet in the second Temescal Gateway parking lot, just past the STOP sign near the dining hall. The group will depart for Castellammare at 2 p.m. and carpooling will be available.

Bring snacks and water. Children with adults are welcome. Sorry, no dogs. Parking passes will be provided.

Visit: facebook.com/TemescalCanyonAssociation or contact temcanyonassoc@gmail.com or call (310) 454-4188.

New members are also sought for this environmental organization. When TCA was first formed, members helped with trail clearing and maintenance and the annual dues were $5 a year.

Now that members have aged, professional help is being hired to help with trail upkeep. Dues are now $20 annually – but if you enjoy hiking in the local mountains, consider making a donation of any amount.

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  1. Diane Bleak says:

    This is such a fun family hike. I recommend it to anybody and everybody! Due to the fires, the trail was brush cleared but it’s still awesome! Take a camera too because when you get up to the top…..the view is amazing!
    This is one gateway to our beautiful wildlife such as the mountain lions, Hawks, raccoons bob cats and all the other animals that live within the Santa Monica Mountains. Extended overnight camping would demolish this beautiful ecosystem. Let’s hike but do we really need to stay overnight?
    See you on the trail ?

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