Tea and Fashion Show Throwback to Civility

Sylvia Boyd (left) served as the emcee of the fashion show. The five models, who are members of the church, wore several different outfits. Boyd was asked about her outfit. She purchased it India when she was heading the operations for Tupperware.

Having lived in Pacific Palisades for decades, it is always exciting to discover an ongoing tradition that has gone unreported. The Presbyterian tea and fashion show was held May 5 in Janes Hall. This simple, but beautifully done tradition was friendly, pleasant and uplifting.

More than 100 women and girls attended. As one of the attendees said, “this is a throw back to a simpler time, when there was civility.”

Nonagenarian Sylvia Boyd was joined by Lyla Corrales and Joan Kaczoroski in organizing the event, as they have for the past 15 years. Boyd also served as emcee and the host of the fashion show.

Each table and its place settings were planned by a different Presbyterian church member. The tables were beautifully decorated with different flowers and each had unique place settings. At the table this editor was seated, Marge Gold had lent her mother’s China and silver to be used for the tea.

One of this editor’s favorite activities in London, was having high tea and this gathering was reminiscent – without having to travel.

There were several hand-made sandwiches that congregant members had crafted, scones, and then, the obligatory sweets. The tea was perfectly brewed.  Although, a  mother at our table with two vivacious, young daughters, opted for a stronger beverage and had coffee.

As everyone snacked on the food, which was delicious (homemade is always best), Boyd introduced the models and described the clothing worn and the prices.

At the Met Gala, a single ticket is $30,000 and a table is $275,000 to $500,000 and gowns can range in cost from $4,495 to $35,610 or more and the jewelry worn is worth millions. By contrast the Discovery Shop provided the clothes, shoes and jewelry for this tea: most items were $20 or less.

The Shop, at 920 Wilshire Boulevard, in Santa Monica, sells high quality, gently used, donated merchandise. For more than 55 years, the American Cancer Society has owned and operated specialty upscale resale stores, with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Tea goers were allowed to purchase the outfits after the show. Congrats to Boyd, Corrales and Kaczoroski for hosting a truly lovely midmorning affair that also benefited the American Cancer Society.

Each table was custom-designed with different place settings and flowers.

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3 Responses to Tea and Fashion Show Throwback to Civility

  1. Sylvia Boyd says:

    Thank you for the write up ….appreciate it as will the other participants when I make sure they’ve received it from me. Maybe we can increase your patronage. I will send in a donation to help you along. Sylvia Boyd

  2. Joan Kaczorowski says:

    Dear Sue, Thank you so much for the beautiful article about the Pal Pres Ladies Tea. It has been a favorite tradition of mine for many years. Lyla Corrales, Sylvia Boyd and I chair this event, as you mentioned, but it is all of the wonderful women in our church doing all of the behind the scenes work that makes this event possible. Again, thanks so much for writing about the tea. Glad you enjoyed the afternoon. Always, Joan Kaczorowski.

  3. Nina Kidd says:

    Thank you Sue, for your piece on our P.P. Presbyterian Church annual Ladies’ Tea.
    Besides the fun of dressing up, and dressing up a table with friends, I have been so grateful to be able to share some traditional American (and British) culture with a daughter and granddaughter. I’m so glad you could join us that day!

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