Take in a Movie This Weekend at the Bay Theater: $5 Matinee

Cast of Clue, which is playing this weekend at the Bay Theater

Below are the reasons you might want to take in a movie at The Bay Theater, located at 1035 Swarthmore, this weekend.

The Mother, with Jennifer Lopez and Joseph Fiennes opens on Friday. In an exclusive Los Angeles engagement, the story centers on a deadly female assassin who comes out of hiding to protect the daughter that she gave up years before while on the run from dangerous foes.

If one is in the mood for a mystery, the Bay is offering $5 mystery matinees on Saturday and Sunday at noon through May.

Up first is Clue, a funny (1985) movie based on the board game that has been called the perfect mixture of comedy and mystery. The movie, which has three completely different endings, stars Eileen Brennan, Lesley Ann Warren, Madeline Kahn, Michael McKean, Martin Mull and Tim Curry. . .was it Colonel Mustard in the study? Madeline Kahn always makes this editor laugh.

One writer on PureWow News, wrote in a 2022 story (“10 Reasons This Murder Mystery is the Best Movie of All Times Hands Down No Question”),  “When it came out in 1985, the film was campy, the film was star-studded, the film was a flop. But after being a bomb at the box office, the movie went on to gain a massive cult following over the years—I consider myself one of those cult members.”

The piece writes that Kahn steals every scene she appears in and goes on to rave about the rest of the cast, calling it the one of the best ensemble casts to appear on film.

The writer notes that “The film vacillates between all-out slapstick—characters running into each other in the hall and falling to the ground; Mr. Green spilling his drink on Mrs. White after a loud gong—and surprisingly sharp humor.”

The Pink Panther (1963) will play May 13 and 14; Men in Black (1997) is scheduled for May 20 and 21; and Spy Kids (2001) is set for May 27, 28 and 29.

Other reasons to go include the seats in the theaters that are comfy and recline. The food and drinks, which can be purchased before walking into the theater are good. For many people who live near the center of town, there’s no reason to drive, just walk down and enjoy an outing.

Tickets may be purchased online: https://www.baytheaterla.com or call (310)230-1457.

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