Suspects for March 1 “Hot Prowl” Burglary

Neighbors who live close to Palisades High School were awakened by police cars and a helicopter around 6:30 a.m., on March 1.

There had been a “Hot Prowl” burglary near 15945 Miami way and that one suspect had been apprehended. “Hot Prowl” means residents are home when criminals break-in.

Circling the News contacted Officer Jae Lee, who is currently serving as Palisades Senior Lead Officer to see if there was additional information. In a March 1, email he responded “It is still an ongoing investigation and officers have one suspect in custody. Detectives are actively following up on leads.”

If a resident has any information or recognizes the people on this flyer, LAPD information is at the bottom of the notice.

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  1. Lynn Gaines says:

    The word is awakened not awoken.

  2. Sue says:


    Thanks. I’ll make the change now.


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