Stand up for CVS: Teenage Criminals Could Run It Out of Town



(Editor’s note: this video was taken by residents, who ran over to the Rec Center to see if they could find the kids who had set off professional-grade fireworks. It was sent to CTN anonymously. CTN does not identify the kids by name, CTN does not allege wrongdoing on the part of anyone in a video, taken in a public place. CTN is asking parents to realize the kids pictured may be in the wrong company and to address the behavior: fireworks, the beating of younger kids and stealing from CVS.  CTN feels that if parents were aware that their child was misbehaving, they would want it corrected before it created real problems for the future.)


The bathroom was closed at CVS on Swarthmore around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, March 8. Several high school students came into the store around 9 a.m.

The manager asked why they were not in school. They largely ignored him or mumbled it was a free period. When they left, he was called to the bathroom. The kids had taken a large number of greeting cards and stuffed them into the toilet—breaking it and causing the store manager to have to call a repair person.

He has had to lock the bathroom after school because teenagers have gone in and peed on walls and defecated on the floor.

The stealing has become so bad, the kids are asked to leave the backpacks by the doors, so they do not stuff them with goods and walk out.

Many days after school, only a few teens are allowed in at a time, but that still doesn’t stop the stealing.

He was asked about stealing alcohol. Only the hard liquor has the anti-theft cap, which means beer and wine are easily taken.

The manager was asked what happens when he sees someone stealing. He says he asks them to put it back, sometimes they do. Other times they just walk out the door – they make no attempt to hide what they are taking. The clerks are not allowed to touch them. According to the manager, no one is allowed to put a hand on a thief.

This editor watched one afternoon. The kids stealing, appear to be from this town, they were well-groomed, with expensive clothing and nice back packs.

Parents might ask their kids about why drinks/alcohol/snacks are lifted from a local store. Parents could explain that if theft continues, and CVS continues to lose money, the store could close.

Parents might go stand and watch CVS between 3 and 4 p.m. especially on Friday, and if they see a teen they know take something, alert the parent.



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12 Responses to Stand up for CVS: Teenage Criminals Could Run It Out of Town

  1. Susan Lynch says:

    This is outrageous behavior! I have seen kids steel and place items inside their jacket and then zip it closed and walk out the door. The manager has little recourse. The kids feel entitled!

  2. Patty Dobrowitsky says:

    why don’t they hire security?

  3. Kathleen Jensen says:

    I posted on Nextdoor over a year ago that the manager at CVS said the Palisades store has the highest shoplifting rate of all their stores in the area. Take photos & show them to the school administration to ID the brasen young thieves. Parents need to know what’s happening with their kids!

  4. Trish Sobul says:

    Why not show these videos to the Assistant Principal at Pali Hi…. .?

  5. Donna J Sheridan says:

    With all of this crime, we should stand up as a community and demand 2 police cars 24/7. And that’s with actual police patrolling not just the car! If not, we should sue the city for not providing protection to residents while paying property taxes for services not provided to us.

  6. Sue says:

    They do have security. Kids ignore it. Security cannot arrest and by the time the police come the kids are gone. If you see kids stealing and know them, tell their parents.

  7. Sue says:

    They have been shared and the school was taking the video seriously.

  8. Jenn says:

    CVS should not let anyone under 18yrs old inside the store without a parent/guardian or someone over the age of 21.

  9. ANNINE MADOK says:

    Maybe CVS can take the same position as the Del Amo mall and ban anyone under 18 from the premises unless accompanied by an adult – and if they can, a parent or guardian.

  10. Jerry McBrearty Sr says:

    Only the stores themselves are going to solve this problem. The store has a complete right to detain and inspect belongings if they have probable cause of shoplifting. Yes, they will need a serious security person, perhaps beefy with a night stick and a body video cam. Once the perps experience a few encounters with security, shoplifting will slow down to a trickle. The store would easily prevail in any unlawful detainer action. Home Depot runs spot security checks at the door asking ALL customers to show their receipt. Law abiding citizens are happy to comply since it keeps prices down.

  11. Cindy Simon says:

    CVS and other stores have gone to self checkout. This encourages people who want to steal, to do so. It’s easy to scan this, but not scan that. No employee can oversee all the self checkouts. I agree – require receipts to be shown at the door. What to do about the beer under the jacket tho?

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