St. Matthew’s Thrift Store Benefits the Economically Challenged

Cases of this shirt were donated to St. Matthew’s Thrift Store.

American Legion Post 283 Auxiliary Secretary Gina Jakel has also been a long-time volunteer at the St. Matthew’s Thrift Store, located at 2812 Main St. in Santa Monica.

Jakel volunteers every Wednesday, generally from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when she has other Palisades residents Janet Davis or Tony Gundershaw, to help close the store. Or if not, Jakel stays until 5 p.m.

After many black-and-white T-shirts were given to the homeless, the thrift store also received four cases of shirts. “I kept one case and called the VA and asked if they could use some,” Jakel told Circling the News, adding, “they were all individually wrapped, with new fabric, and there were shirts for both men and women.”

Jakel said it would have been impossible for St. Matthew’s to use all of those shirts. The thrift store is church-run and offers used clothing, housewares and books with proceeds benefitting the church’s outreach.

According to one shopper, who posted their experiences at the store: “great prices, friendly service, Covid-friendly, couldn’t ask for more.”

Another said, “Small shop with some decent selections. I’m probably used to bigger shops, but I did find a nice deal on an unique decanter.” And another added, “They have a great selection of clothes, shoes, toys, books, dishes and other items at great prices.”

Circling the News would like to recognize Jakel, not only for her efforts in the Auxiliary and remembering Vets, but also for her volunteer work at the thrift store.

There’s a shed on the lower end of the St. Matthew’s parking lot where donated goods can be dropped of most days.

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  2. I love St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop. The money they make is granted to local non-profits like Venice Family Clinic. The volunteers work so hard and the shop is filled with great stuff!

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