Short Updates: Racial Threats, YMCA Christmas Tree Lot to Open


A woman who hurled racial threats at former Lutheran Pastor Kenneth Davis and his daughter in the Ralphs grocery store and parking lot on April 18, has been identified, said LAPD Detective Perez.

On November 25, he told Circling the News: “This case is at the District Attorney’s Office. The DA had other requests for information that I had to provide. The DA now has that information and it is under review by their office. The DA has several cases such as these and it takes time for them to review and process each case. This is outside law enforcement control (LAPD). Once there is a decision by the DA they will submit for a warrant, then I will be able to effect an arrest. I am waiting just like everyone else.”

Starting December 1, there will be help to load your Christmas tree onto your car.


A reader wanted to know when the YMCA Palisades-Malibu Christmas tree lot is going to open because she hoped that her son could help her with a tree on Saturday over Thanksgiving.

Sunday, December 1 is the answer. It opens the same date every year, regardless of when Thanksgiving falls. The second question she asked was, why couldn’t it open on the Friday after Thanksgiving?

Unfortunately, when the YMCA parcel in Temescal Gateway Park came under scrutiny in 2006, the Y had to fight to keep ownership of its land at the corner of Sunset and Temescal. As part of an agreement, they agreed to a no-build clause for 10 years, which has passed, but the nonprofit also signed a master covenant which specifies the hours and days for the Y’s summer camp, pumpkin patch and the Christmas tree lot. The first two are reasonable: Camp is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., June through August. The pumpkin patch can operate from the third week of September until October 31, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

But for some reason, the Grinch got hold of the Christmas tree lot, dictating that sales cannot start until December 1. For many Christians, who like to put up a tree over the Thanksgiving weekend, it means they must find a tree someplace else. And the YMCA’s vital fundraising tree sales are delayed several days past Thanksgiving.

The Y’s biggest fundraisers are the pumpkin patch and the Christmas Tree lot. These proceeds enable the Y to provide scholarships to those who need assistance for camps or for programs like its Youth and Government programs.

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