Santa Monica Problems Affects Neighboring Cities

The Santa Monica Promenade used to be a destination for many locals. Now crime and store vacancies make it a less attractive place to shop.

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade and the Pier used to be a destination stop for people from Pacific Palisades. Store vacancy rates are now reported at 25 % by TheRealDeal. “With 73 of 97 ground-floor storefronts occupied and in the promenade’s 1200 block, there are about 38 percent vacant,” the paper wrote.

More troubling is crime is spreading to surrounding areas.



Yesterday, June 19, a Santa Monica Daily Press reporter Scott Snowden wrote “A tourist from Reno, Nevada, visiting Santa Monica for ‘a few days’ had the windscreen of his white 2023 Honda Passport smashed as the result of a homeless man hurling his backpack at the vehicle as it attempted to join 5th Street from the 10 freeway exit ramp.

“Fernando Hernandez had his family in the vehicle, including his wife and child and immediately after the incident, which thankfully could’ve been significantly worse, he pulled over and called 911.”

The exit ramp is next to a homeless encampment and Hernandez said he didn’t expect much to happen, but “I just wanted to make sure it was reported. Because I’m sure it’s gonna happen, right? Stuff being launched from over that little bridge, like more cars are going to get damaged.”


Suspect Allen Francisco Contis, who has been identified as homeless was arrested on commercial burglary on May 25, in the 2900 block of Lincoln Boulevard. He was issued a citation, then released.

According to a June 18 Westside Current story (“Homeless Suspect Arrested in Connection with Burglary and Multiple Arsons on Lincoln Boulevard), several days later on May 29, “Witnesses identified Contis as the individual responsible for lighting fire to a discarded tire, a city-owned trash can, and a small garage adjacent to a multi-unit apartment complex.” He was arrested and the L.A. County District Attorney’s office has charged him with two counts of arson.


The manager of Jameson’s Pub on Main Street, Santa Monica, was killed early Tuesday morning, June 11, after he asked several patrons to leave. The manager was punched in the face and lost consciousness. Officers responded but were unable to revive the victim.

The three people involved in the fight were arrested. Following an investigation, police identified the alleged attacker as 26-year-old Leonard Hector Korpie of Venice, Calif. A homicide charge was filed against Korpie, who is being held on a $2 million bond.


Jorge Casuso reported on June 10 in the SM LOOKOUT that there were 31 homeless deaths in 2022 and last year there were 53, an average of about one a week in Santa Monica.

“The causes of the deaths varied. But more than half – 49 – involved fentanyl, methamphetamine or both. . . More than half of the homeless individuals who died in Santa Monica — 48 — were White. Sixteen were Hispanic and 14 were Black.”

(Editor’s note: Although the Santa Monica Coalition and Santa Monica Mayor Phil Brock are trying to end the needle distribution program in Santa Monica Parks, L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer has resisted those attempts, and is continuing the program.)

Crime in local Santa Monica Parking lots, have convinced many to go not to go to the SM Pier.

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