Sam Lagana: Voice of the Rams

Sam Lagana

The day after the L.A. Rams defeated Cincinnati to earn a trip to the Super Bowl, Times columnist Bill Plaschke began his column this way:

“SoFi Stadium shook. The Rams danced. Confetti sprayed.

“Thousands screamed, again and again, answering the public-address announcer’s bellowing question of precisely who will own this Inglewood palace in the upcoming Super Bowl.

“They’ve chanted it many times before, but it’s never quite resounded like this.

“Whose house?’

“‘Rams’ house!'”

Plaschke never identified the PA announcer in this particular column, but many Pacific Palisades football fans knew he was referring to Sam Lagana, a lifelong resident who has been the Stadium Voice of the Rams since they returned to L.A. in 2016.

In a follow-up column focused on Lagana, Plaschke lamented, “When the Rams play the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium, the biggest voice in the biggest game in franchise history will not have a microphone.

In an understandable effort to create a neutral site in this unique environment — the Rams are only the second team in 56 years to play a Super Bowl on their home field — the league is eliminating some of the Rams’ game-day rituals, and Lagana’s specialty will be one of them.

“He will not be the public address announcer. He’ll be watching from the stands. His question might be shouted once before the game, but it probably will be on tape. If he wants to ensure that he can shout it live, he’ll have to stand up in his section and do it right there.

“Which, by the way, he says he’ll do. In a heartbeat. Of course he will.

“”I’m sure I’ll be shouting, ‘Whose house’ from my seat at some point,” Lagana said. “I’m going to be too pumped up!’”

Plaschke wrote, “And whoever is sitting around him will surely answer, whether they are diehard Rams fans or not, because that is what Los Angeles does.”

CTM adviser Bill Bruns emailed Lagana and asked about his Super Bowl plans. He replied, “At this moment I was able to buy two seats in section 551, row 14. It’s high . . . but it is what it is.”

Bruns responded, “If the TV folks are smart, they will have a camera focused on your section right after the Rams score their first TD and have kicked off, and then after the commercial break, before Cincinnati’s first play, the crowd will go crazy if you simply stand, raise your arms and shout your question: ‘Whose house?'”

Stay tuned. Maybe Sam will even do this before Cincinnati’s first play from scrimmage.


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2 Responses to Sam Lagana: Voice of the Rams

  1. Pete Crosby says:

    Sue, the Rams beat the SF 49ers (not the Bengals) to win the NFC and will play the Cincy Bengals the AFC champions in the Super Bowl.

  2. Sue says:

    Maybe this is why I’m losing in my football pool.

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