Rotary Steps Up for Village Green Fountain Maintenance

Members of the Rotary club met with Village Green members to present a check to help with maintenance for the fountain. (Left side)  Marie Tran, Holly Davis, Bob Gold (left) and Hagop Tchakerian. (Right side, back row) Perry Atkins, Betsy Collins, Trish Bowe, Sandy Eddy and (front row) Methal Atkins and Marge Gold (right).

The Palisades Rotary Club presented a check for $1,000 to the Village Green Board on March 21 to help maintain the fountain, which is enclosed by brick and features small brass dolphins.

“We are so very grateful for the donation from the Rotary,” said Marge Gold, president of the park nonprofit. “This money will be used to maintain our fountain.  The park was established in 1973, but the fountain was not added until 1990. Our park is truly the Heart of the Community, and the fountain is the centerpiece.”

Rotary President Hagop Tchakerian said, “It’s a good cause and this place is so nice. It makes Pacific Palisades look good.”

Specifically, money was sought for fountain upkeep. A local businessman, Darin Marten (Aqua Blue Lagoons), has provided expert care for the fountain, which has 15 little waterspouts, one of which now needs to be repaired. Marten’s company troubleshoots for the Village Green board, and also ensures that the fountain is cleaned.

Village Green Board member Betsy Collins said, “We’re thrilled with this donation. The committee appreciates the help we receive to help clean and keep our little park beautiful.”

This triangular private park, located between Sunset Boulevard, Swarthmore Avenue and Antioch, was previously a Standard gas station, until 1972, when Standard Oil decided not to renew its lease.

The newly organized Community Council established a five-member Village Green Committee and signed a lease giving the committee an option to buy the land — if it could raise the necessary funds. Starting in October that year, nearly $70,000 was raised. About $46,000 was used to purchase the land and the rest of the money went to park development.

The Palisades Village Green was certified as a California nonprofit and formally dedicated on August 17, 1973.

Every year, members of the Village Green Board reach out to the community to raise the funds to keep the park operating.

To learn more about joining the Village Green Board, visit:

To find out more about the Palisades Rotary Club, visit:

Rotary President Hagop Tchakerian hands Village Green member Bob Gold a check to be used for the fountain maintenance.

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