Rita Moreno’s Sitcom Ends

Rita Moreno played Lydia.
Photo: Netflix


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The reboot of “One Day at a Time” is unable to find a new network. So, the show has ended.

This version of the beloved comedy starred former Pacific Palisades honorary mayor Rita Moreno as the lively grandmother of a Latino family.

“One Day at a Time” was produced by Sony TV and filmed at Sony in Culver City.

It ran for three seasons on Netflix and a fourth season earlier this year on Pop TV. After running on Pop TV, the fourth season then aired on Pop TV’s cousin network, CBS.

Sony tried, but couldn’t find a network for a fifth season. So, the show is done.

The announcement was made by writer/producer/showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett: “It’s officially over. There will be no new ‘One Day At A Time’ episodes. But there will always be 46 episodes that we got to make that live FOREVER. Thank you to this beautiful cast. Our dedicated crew. And to you, our loyal fans. We loved making this for you. Thank you for watching.”

“One Day at a Time” was created by topical sitcom king, Norman Lear, and originally ran from 1975 through 1984 with a white family.

The cast from “One Day at a Time,” included Rita Moreno (center).
Photo: Pop TV

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  1. Sandy Alarcon says:

    Haven’t watched the show, but sorry to see anything with the talented Rita Morena be cancelled….
    Sandy A.

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