Revere Principal Tom Iannucci Will Run for the Dogs

Paul Revere Middle School Principal Tom Iannucci with Nathaniel, who was adopted five years ago from Angel City Pit Bulls.

Tom Iannucci is fostering Bumblelion.

Paul Revere Middle School Principal Tom Iannucci is training to run the Los Angeles Marathon in a charity challenge for Angel City Pit Bulls.

“If you know me, you know that saving the lives of shelter animals is important to me,” he wrote on a fundraising page.  “This March I’m going to lace up my shoes and run to help shelter pets in need.

“Angel City Pit Bulls helps at-risk populations such as pit bull dogs and kittens and makes a better future for shelter animals,” Iannucci said. “I will log tons of miles during training, my determination will be tested by sore muscles, and I might even have a few blisters and lost toenails along the way. It will not stop me. Why? Because every one of the dogs and kittens I will help save makes it all worth it.”

This is the principal’s fifth year running to support the group that gives these dogs a second chance in life.

Angel City Pit Bulls started as a group of like-minded pit bull fans doing independent rescue work and has grown into collaborative group that is a resource for “everything” pit bull in Los Angeles.

Last year, Angel City fielded 89 runners and raised more than $84,000 for shelter dogs and cats. The Revere community contributed $4,745. Then, Iannuci wrote in the school’s newsletter, “This is just another example of why Revere is such an amazing place to work. Your contributions to Angel City Pit Bulls will allow them to continue their work in addressing the problem of overpopulation and high euthanasia rate of pit-bull terrier-type dogs in Los Angeles Shelters. With the deepest gratitude, I thank our community for supporting the dogs at Angel City Pit Bulls.”

If you would like to donate to the March 18 and 19 Los Angeles Marathon Charity Challenge, visit: Iannucci’s fundraiser page:

The principal said if one is not able to donate, you can help him reach his goal by sharing his page on social media or sending an email to people who might want to help save the animals.





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