Residents Question “No Parking” Sign at Highlands Eldercare Construction Site 

Construction has taken away a lane of traffic on Vereda de la Montura. On the opposite side of the street, “No Parking” signs are posted Monday through Saturday, which means that hikers for  local trails have no place to park.

Several residents have now contacted Circling the News about the “No Parking” sign at Vereda de la Montura that applies Monday through Saturday, for construction of the eldercare facility at 1525 Palisades Drive.

A reader initially sent Circling the News the query on June 14, inquiring if there was a permit to close off the street.

Another wrote, “The material storage is left overnight, and on Sunday, when the posted signs seem to imply that they only have the space Monday through Saturday during specific hours.”

The resident concluded, “More and more as I drive from Palisades Dr. to the Country Estates, workers are using so much of the street that we are down to one lane for both ways.”

Another reader wrote: “The eldercare construction has been occupying shamelessly the neighboring streets. Not just storing or keeping the heavy machinery on the streets, in three lanes, but doing actual operations over the fence outside of their property. It is hard to believe that it’s permitted.”

Another reader complained that nails from the construction site are dangerous. “My tire picked one up and it caused a flat,” she wrote, noting that it was a brand new car and brand new tire. “It took time and was expensive to fix. I am not happy.”

CTN contacted Building and Safety on June 15 and that department referred us to the Department of Public Works (Street Services). Paul Gomez, a public relations representative in that department, replied on June 16, “We did determine there is a building materials permit for this location, but are looking into it further.”

That information was relayed to readers in CTN musings on June 17.

One reader replied on June 18, “They may have all of the permits in this world, but if the sign reads that the No Parking does not apply on Sundays, then why on Sundays is that part of Vereda de la Montura still “coned off” and tons of construction material is parked on the street?”

CTN sent that information to Gomez, and he replied in a June 23 email, “The Bureau of Street Services went to inspect the location at Vereda de la Montura and Palisades Drive and determined the applicant was in compliance with the conditions of the Building Materials permit.”

Gomez continued, “The applicant was advised to continue following those conditions. The permit does allow for the curb lane to be closed within the boundaries of the project specified 24 hours/7 days a week. The “No Parking” signs are being updated to reflect that.”

(Editor’s note: New signs were posted and a resident wrote on June 24, “Because of the work and the fact that portion of the sidewalk at the entrance of the site has been damaged, people that walk, jog and push strollers,  now use the northern side of the sidewalk. This is very dangerous when one has to cross Michael Lane: there is a “stop” sign for the drivers coming down, but there is no sign for the drivers that want to make a turn onto Michael Lane. Maybe a crosswalk would solve the issue.)

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