Red Sox Earn Berth on World Series Float

Red Sox Mustangs won the PPBA World Series.

By Winning Mustang PPBA World Series

In order to win the Mustang World Series, the Red Sox played the Dodgers three times and finally prevailed 12-7 on June 6.

The Sox had a tough season with only five wins, seven losses and two ties. Coach Kevin Monaco explained that when the teams were drafted, his team (and the Dodgers) had the fewest all-stars.

Some of his kids were not as experienced as other players, but as the season progressed, these “rookies” showed they were good learners. The raw talent was there, it just needed some playing time.

“These kids just stepped it up,” Monaco said. “The kids were making plays they weren’t making yesterday.”

After still finishing second in the American League, the Red Sox faced the Yankees in the playoffs and won 7-6. They then beat the Cubs, 12-9, and the Phillies, 6-4.

This set up a best-of-three showdown with the Dodgers.

The Red Sox won the first game on June 1 against the Dodgers, pushing them to the lower bracket. The Dodgers fought their way back up to the higher bracket to face the Red Sox, again and beat them 3-1.

Both teams now had a loss in this double elimination tournament and it all came down to the final game on June 6. The Red Sox prevailed 12-7.

Monaco, who is a private banker at JP Morgan, said “The kids were amazing. Everybody contributed, everyone pulled it together.”

He told his players after the win, “It was a team effort. You were moving it in the outfield [making the plays]. I feel lucky to be your coach.”

This was his second year as head coach. He started as an assistant coach when his son Will was on Pintos.

At the end of the game, Red Sox players went before the opposing team’s parents, took off their caps, tipped them and said “Thanks.” They repeated it in front of their parents.

“This was a great bunch of boys,” said Monaco, who grew up in Torrance and played baseball until he was 14, when he turned to surfing.


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2 Responses to Red Sox Earn Berth on World Series Float

  1. Kristin says:

    The coach of the Mustang Red Sox team is Kevin Monaco, not Jason Wolsefer.

  2. Sue says:

    So sorry, changing it now. I went to the PPBA website and that’s who they had listed.


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