Realtor Marguleas Provides Novel Fun during Covid-19 Shutdown

Amanda Zabaneh (left) and Brooke Richards are Palisades High School seniors that were treated to yogurt by Anthony Maguleas. Zabaneh will attend USC and Richards plans to go to the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Anthony Marguleas, the founder/owner of Amalfi Estates, has found entertaining ways to give back to the community during the Covid-19 stay-at-home mandates.

He began by helping people celebrate birthdays. Since parties and large celebrations are nixed, Marguleas and his family will flock the lawn of the birthday person with pink flamingos, so that there’s some sort of outdoor commemoration of the day. Even Sara Adams, who recently celebrated her 86th birthday, was surprised by the gesture.

“I have a pretty full ‘flock’ looking to make you and your kids smile,” Marguleas tells residents. “We will put out the flock on your front lawn the night before somebody’s birthday and we will pick them up the next evening — all while using the appropriate safety precautions.” There’s no charge.

By we, Marguleas said he has recruited his wife, Sue, and their four off-spring: Max, who graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and now works at Amalfi; Sam, a junior finance major at Georgetown; and twins Jack and Anna, who are freshmen at Boulder and Georgetown, respectively.

Knowing that many of the high school seniors in town, at both public and private schools, will not have a typical graduation, the Marguleas family brainstormed and came up with another great idea.

Anthony paid for a free yogurt to any high school senior, on May 9, at the yogurt shoppe on Swarthmore. About 50 students stopped by for the free treat.

“We’re considering doing other events, too,” he said.

Before Covid-19, (left to right) Anthony Marguleas, Victoria Velazquez, Max Marguleas, Jamie Dixon and Sarah Knauer brought back the Pacific Palisades flag.

Shortly before the shutdown, Marguleas’ kids wondered where they could find the official flag of Pacific Palisades.

“They wanted to hang them in their dorm room in college and we could not find them anywhere,” Anthony said. “We checked with Sarah Knauer, chair of the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, and she coordinated letting us order the flags and donate the proceeds to help the Chamber.”

Many residents may remember that in 2014, former Palisades Honorary Mayor Jake Steinfeld held a contest to design a town flag. Sean Lim and Will Dintenfass submitted the winning design.

Marguleas purchased 100 flags, which sell for $50 each, with the Chamber receiving 100 percent of the proceeds. “This also gives everyone the opportunity to share their Palisades pride by purchasing a beautiful Palisades flag,” he said.

For a flag or for birthday flamingos, you can call/text Marguleas at (310) 293-9280 or email

A flock of flamingos can be placed on a lawn for a birthday.


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