Readers Write: Caruso, Books and City Parking Lot

(Circling the News readers commented on several recent Musings, including one from a reader who had a problem with Rick Caruso changing his party affiliation from no affiliation to Democrat. It was interesting to this editor that merely by printing one person’s point of view, I was automatically branded as attacking Caruso.)  

Mayor Eric Garcetti (left) is shown with Rick Caruso (center) and Councilman Mike Councilman Mike Bonin at the groundbreaking for Caruso’s Palisades Village.
Photo: Bart Bartholomew

The reader wrote: “Having followed you for some time, and thinking you were among the few ‘sane’ journalists left (pun intended) writing in CA, I have come to the sad conclusion you should rebrand your brand as ‘Circling the Drain’ as it would far better reflect your actual positions as to ‘fixing’ the state of our state.

“I thought this as I assumed you actually saw that our city and state are dying under the current Democratic hard left policies in place and were eager for real change. But when you attacked Richard Caruso for the sin of running as a Democrat, in a state that has turned all Republicans into “Trump,” and painted Caruso with the same Trump-stained brush… I was beyond disappointed.

“This kind of thinking will not fix anything. We can’t be for the status quo. We can’t ‘go along to get along’ anymore. I must assume you read Caruso’s platform. That he said something on the stump that was worthy of your disdain. Right? I suppose Caruso could prove to be the worst possible candidate, but I don’t know that as he has not to my knowledge shared his plans to fix LA. But then again, maybe he isn’t that big bad Trump you slung like mud against him for what – the sin of being a successful American businessman?

“Like you, I am a lifelong Democrat. I am also not a leftist but one of those old Kennedy Dems so out of favor. As such, I am also desperate to put into office true leaders who are sane, love the law, love order, love justice, love society, love safety, love humanity, love right over wrong, love victims over criminals, love true kindness (meaning we no longer allow humans who are unhinged to live worse than we would a mad dog), love ANYONE other than the truly cruel and dangerous folks we currently have holding office (other than Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who seems to be a sane man).

“Your righteous outrage over the murder of Brianna Kupfer made me think you were clear-eyed about where we are now, but then your petty-post re Caruso made me question who you are and what you are really all about. Why you would want to take a dump on Caruso for being who he is, before we can at least find out if he might be the Mayor LA needs… one who would call out our evil DA and others like him hellbent on keeping our city and state… hell… for our children and grandchildren? Why not give the man a chance? Because we didn’t get free parking? Really? That’s a sin too far to abide? I will gladly accept that failure if it means we can once again live in a just society where we citizens live civilized lives in LA.”



Another reader chided me for buying a used book from Collections Antiques . . ..and Books! on Antioch, a store now run by long-time Palisades resident Jeff Ridgway.

“Nice to support a local business . . .BUT you could have just checked the Bradbury book out of the public library! Many copies available and of course you can have the book delivered right here to the Palisades Branch, if you don’t want an e-copy.

(Editor’s note: Right now, if there’s a way to support a fledgling bookstore in the Palisades, I will. I loved Village Books – and the author events they used to hold.)




Yesterday, a reader wrote that it was impossible to read the stall numbers in the city parking lot off Sunset (next to the Chase building), so that they could make sure they weren’t ticketed. CTN sent that information to Councilman Mike Bonin’s field deputy Noah Fleishman and asked which city department could address this issue.

Fleishman responded in an email, “The striping and number issue at LADOT Parking Lot #681 was brought to my attention a few weeks ago. Last week I heard back from LADOT that they plan to restripe the lot. When I have more information on the timeline of repairs, I will be sure to let you know.”


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