PPCC Area & At-large Elections Underway

Pacific Palisades has a community council and residents can vote for representatives.

Online voting began on August 19 and will end on September 2 at 9 p.m. for representatives for the Pacific Palisades Community Council. All Palisades residents are urged to go online (pacpalicc.org) and vote for their area representative and the at-large rep.

Pacific Palisades residents may vote for an Area representative in the area in which a primary residence is located, and also vote for the At-large candidate.

If you wish to vote for one and not the other, that is allowed.

Property owners and business owners can participate by voting for the At-large representative.

Circling the News asked PPCC President Maryam Za why people should vote, because with the exception of Area 4, all races are uncontested. If a candidate even receives one vote, they will be the representative for the next two years.

“The Elections Committee encourages everyone to look at the candidate statements and get to know the people in your community who will represent your interests at the PPCC,” Zar said. “We believe it’s important to participate, be engaged in the electoral process at every level, and to show your support for your fellow Palisadians.”

It goes without saying, if you are unhappy with your representative, then run for the office next time – try to become involved in the local community.

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