Photography Show Will Delight Viewers

Photo: Aaron Gomperts

“One look is worth a thousand words,” is attributed to advertising executive Fred Barnard, who claimed the phrase was first a Japanese then a Chinese proverb.

One historian disputed that and said that newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane in a talk at the Syracuse Advertising Men’s Club in March 1911 said, “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”

Whatever the origin, students from Palisades High School have proved that a strong image tells a story.

More than 40 photographers are represented in the 12th Annual Palisades High Student Photography Show, that will run through May 31 at the Palisades Library Community Room, 861 Alma Real.

Photo: Carter Russle

PaliHi Photography teacher Rick Steil said his students, from Photo 1, Advanced Photo and AP photo, come from more than 100 zip codes in the city and the variety of subjects they have selected shows the diversity of thought and views.

“I’m always impressed with the variety of photographic work that my students produce,” Steil said. “They are young, creative and have a visual voice they want to shout to the world. I get to sit back and watch this amazing process.”

Photo: Ella Zarrow

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