People at Costco Help a Person in Distress

(Editor’s note: A resident sent me this story and is allowing me to share it.)

I talked my husband into stopping at Costco Culver City on the way to his medical appointment last Friday.

I love getting there early to get parking. While waiting in line for the doors to open I was behind an older gentleman who was patiently waiting in front of me with his cart.

As the doors were about to open, I noticed that the man was fainting and slipping down to the ground.  A man nearby saw what was happening, came and tried to hold the older gentleman up.  He was joined by another man and then a third who was standing behind me.

Someone ran into Costco to ask for help.  As Costco employees came running out the three men were helping lay the older gentleman onto a bench at the eating area. I was about to call 911 when the Costco lady said, ‘they would handle the situation’.

We were asked to continue to proceed into Costco.

I finished my shopping quickly and was leaving Costco when I saw the ‘Costco lady’ and asked her how the gentleman was doing.

She remembered me and told me that the gentleman was dehydrated and had not eaten for days as his wife had just passed away. They did not need to call 911 as he just needed hydrating with Gatorade and something to eat. Then a Costco employee drove him home.

Such kindness on the part of the Costco employees…  It’s awesome to know there are still many good Samaritans when you need them.


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2 Responses to People at Costco Help a Person in Distress

  1. Dana Dalton says:

    I was almost mugged in this parking lot a couple of months ago.
    I wish Circling The News had also done a story on the poor 30 year old General Hospital actor who was murdered in cold blood in downtown.
    The truth is LA is so dangerous that those of us who are still here are trying to figure out how to get the hell out

  2. BT says:

    Sad, but also very sweet — thanks for sharing a (mostly) heartwarming story
    (sorry for his loss)

    Also, do you have any ideas why I can never see any photos you post (on either Safari or Firefox)?? And now can’t see you “WHY” story 🙁

    As for the rude kids on the bus: My mom and I were in Switzerland quite a few years ago. She was in her late 70’s. We got on a local public bus full of high-school-aged kids. They never said a thing to one another, just kept on with their conversations, and 2 boys just got up and gestured for us to have their seats. It’s just what they do. That sadly would NEVER happen here. Parents raise your kids better. MUCH better, please!

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