PCH Closed Between Temescal and Chautauqua; Debris Closes Lanes on Sunset

A tree slid onto PCH, hitting a utility pole. The wire stretched across the road. It necessitated closing the road in both directions until it could be repaired.


Pacific Coast Highway has been closed in both directions between Temescal and Chautauqua, after a utility line fell across the highway early this morning.

A tree slid off the hill near the Lifeguard headquarters on PCH, below the Huntington Palisades, and took down a Frontier utility line. CTN spoke to Caltrans at the scene around 11:30 a.m. and they didn’t know how long the highway would be closed.

Caltrans workers were in the final stages of cutting up the tree. It would need to be hauled away before the wire, which stretched across all lanes, could be fixed.

Caltrans said in addition to this closure, westbound PCH near the McClure Tunnel in Santa Monica was also closed because of a mudslide.

Rain started falling across this area yesterday, and by 8 a.m. this morning, the backyard rain gauge on Radcliffe held 4.1 inches. A lot more rain has fallen since then.

Boulders/rocks came down on westbound Sunset, just before Palisades Drive, and a lane was closed. Near Paseo Miramar, debris was also in the westbound lane, which was closed.

Before Chautauqua Boulevard on Sunset, debris closed the westbound lane.

Ongoing rain is predicted into this evening, so unless you need to be out, stay at home and allow City and State workers the chance to safely clean up the roads.

Several trees on the hill above PCH slid onto the road.

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  1. Nancy Brennan says:

    Hi Sue,
    My neighbor’s tree went over about 1:30 today. I’ve tried to send an email with a photo.
    The tree is a Bush Yate, (not too many of them left about) and dated from the 1920s. Very lucy houses!

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