Parking Restrictions Go Up on Asilomar Bluffs for Memorial Day Weekend

Temporary “No Parking” signs have gone up on the Asilomar bluffs for Memorial Day Weekend.

People who live in Pacific Palisades are blessed with the town’s proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Perhaps one of the nicest perks are the spectacular views from the bluffs and cliffs that offer a panorama of the Pacific Ocean from the Santa Monica Pier to Malibu.

Two of the more spectacular sites to watch as the sun sets over the ocean are the Via de las Olas and the Asilomar bluffs.

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, temporary “No Parking” signs have gone up on the Asilomar Bluffs, which is south of Sunset and easily accessed from El Medio Avenue. The street is now scheduled to be closed to parking from Friday, May 27 at 5 p.m. to Tuesday, May 31 at 6 a.m.

Circling the News contacted Noah Fleishman, Councilmember Mike Bonin’s Deputy District Director, to ask if there was construction or a special event or if it was just done to keep outsiders off the block.

Fleishman responded, “These temporary parking restrictions have been authorized by LADOT and our office at the request of the Community Council.”

CTN contacted Pacific Palisades Community Council President David Card, who referred CTN to Area 4 Representative Karen Ridgely.

Ridgely responded in an email that “’No Parking’ was done to prevent greater holiday congestion and potential fire and safety hazards. There is no Park Ranger or LAPD on site at Asilomar Park to enforce posted RAP safety restrictions or respond to emergencies.”

Ridgely said the site has smoking, alcohol and drug usage and BBQ with hot coals and candles on cakes.

“The Cul de Sac has been a known party spot for years in our ‘dark skies’ community,” she said and added the limited no-parking restriction is meant to mitigate fire and safety risk to the greater community.

It was pointed out to Ridgely that people could park a block away and walk over to the bluffs with their cake and candles.

CTN was told by Fleishman and Ridgely that the street has been posted “no parking” in previous years. At the May 26 Community Council meeting Card said that no official letter had been sent.

CTN also asked who is paying for the signs and the permit, and if there will be enforcement, not only of the parking—but of the possible “flammable devices that outsiders bring to the bluffs.”  There was no response to those questions.

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