PAPA Seeks a Fourth of July Theme 

The Palisades Americanism Parade Association is seeking a theme for the 2022 Parade.

Themes need to be short, ideally, three-to-four word phrases (see the winners below). Enter more than once if you can’t decide which of your creative efforts is best.

The deadline for submitting a theme is Thursday, May 12, at noon.

If you win, the PAPA publication (which will be mailed to every address in Pacific Palisades) will include a feature about you and how you came up with the theme.  We encourage families to submit themes.

Visit: and click on the link to enter a theme. If you prefer to email, send to

Prior Parade Themes 2002 to 2021

(Editor’s note: two themes were found: Small Town, Big Spirit and Stars, Stripes and Spirit – but were not paired with a year. Maybe a reader will remember when they were chosen?)

2002: Hail to Flag and Country

2003: Faithful and True to the Red, White and Blue

2004: Celebrating those who served so honorably.

2005: Remembering America’s Heritage

(Missing themes from 2006, 2007 and 2008 –readers?)

2009: Pacific Palisades Celebrates Those Who Served Honorably

2010: Small Town, Big Heart

2011: Red, White and Palisades Blue

2012: Home is Pacific Palisades on the Fourth of July

2013: Waves of Freedom

2014: Star-Spangled Palisades

2015; Palisades Parade: Pride! Passion! Patriotism!

2016: Independence Day—the Palisades Way.

2017: Palisades on Parade

2018: Palisades Parade – 70 Years of Cheers

2019: May the 4th Be with You

2020: Celebrating a Different Kind of 4th

2021: The Sparkle Returns

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