Palisades Branch Library Repairs Are Finally Underway 

Firefighters from Station 19, 23, 63 and 69 responded to a fire in the roof of the Palisades Library at the beginning of October.

Repairs have begun at the Palisades Branch Library, which was damaged by an October 2020 electrical fire. L.A. Public Library Public Relations Director Peter Persic wrote in a July 11 email to Circling the News:

“Construction has begun, and crews are on site regularly.” Starting on July 19, the crews will be on site daily. “In order to accommodate the crews, all staff will be out of the building,” Persic wrote. “The book drop will close starting July 19.”

Librarian Mary Hopf wrote CTN that “I will leave it open for part of the day (and as long as I am here.”

Even though the library has been closed, patrons who received books through other libraries have been able to return them at this branch. Persic said that during construction, Palisades patrons can visit Brentwood, West Los Angeles and the Westwood branch locations.

“We understand residents are as eager as we are to reopen the Palisades Branch as soon as possible,” he said, noting that there is not yet a projected reopening date because “the construction process is subject to the same supply chain challenges that are affecting all construction.”

Current plans are to reopen sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, Persic said.

Additionally, resident Lou Kamer asked if the library, when it reopens, can have faster internet service.

Persic responded, “When the branch reopens it will have the same internet system and speeds, which are consistent with those in all our libraries.”

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3 Responses to Palisades Branch Library Repairs Are Finally Underway 

  1. Thanks to CTN for your efforts on getting our library back to us. It was most gratifying news.

  2. Pam Bruns says:

    Everyone misses the library, and this is good news that repairs are finally starting.
    Will the repaired roof include solar?

  3. Eileen says:

    Now this is a GOOD NEWS story. Miss out PAC PAL library, but have been seeing some of our librarians at the Brentwood library when I pick up my books inside. Earlier when we had to pick up outside I used the Palms/Rancho Park library and found it very convenient and easy parking off the Overland Ave, north of the 10.

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