PaliHi Teen, Jack Schwartz, Hosts After-Prom Parties

A scene from an after-prom party attended by Palisades High School students.


Six months ago, Circling the News ran a story (“Pali Teen Entrepreneur Produces My Plots, a Party App”) about up-and-coming teen entrepreneur Jack Schwartz, founder of Loonar clothing and creator of the MyPlots app.

The concept was simple. Using an app, teens or young adults could set a location, date, and time for a party, and send out invites directly, or accept join requests from other users.

Users were encouraged to post on their Instagram or Snapchat stories “What’s Plots tonight?” to find other users. Active parties were shown on a map corresponding to the user’s location and could be clicked on to learn more.

Dubbed the “Party King”, Schwartz, a Palisades Charter High School senior, has spent the last two months on the “MyPlots After Prom Tour.”

Schwartz set up after-prom parties for several high schools, including Santa Monica, El Segundo and PaliHi.

The Pali party was held from 11 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. at the Pluto Penthouse, the 17th floor of a building in West Hollywood. The space is about 10,500 sq.ft. and holds 650 people. According to the website, the rental fee is between $7,500 to $25,000 per event.

Musician SSGKobe made an appearance, one of many celebrities that have appeared at the MyPlots Tour parties.

SSGKobe boasts more than 700,000 listeners on Spotify, and his most popular song, “Thrax,” recently broke 38 million plays on Spotify. His surprise performance at Pali’s party began at midnight and went until 1 a.m. He performed six songs, including one that is currently unreleased.

The event was originally intended to run until 3 a.m. However, the party had to be cut short after the Fire Marshal was called due to unsafe conditions, owing to an overflow of people in a tight space. While a shutdown here and there is par for the course when it comes to hosting parties, this is just one of many shutdowns that have been occurring on the MyPlots tour.

Partygoers were not offered refunds for the Pali After-Prom Party, which required tickets to be purchased in advance. There were refunds offered to those who had bought a $70 ticket after outcry lowered the price to $50.

Several other parties have shut down well before the expected ending time, due to police being called, fire concerns or health emergencies. Refunds have not been offered.

One student said, “We were at this birthday party MyPlots hosted, on Wilshire– in that tower near the Peterson Auto Museum, I think– and this girl just had a panic attack in the bathroom. One of the security guards helped take her downstairs, and then as soon as he sat her down, one of the other security guards just started yelling at her to snap out of it or something. She got scared and started scrambling around, knocking stuff over. They got her home safely, but they had to shut down the party.”

The MyPlots Tour continues going strong, drawing thousands of attendees each time.

Schwartz will graduate this year and will attend UCLA. He plans to hold a farewell party, claiming it to be “something crazy that no one has ever seen before. I want to do something new and different. It may be my last high school party, but it’s just the beginning for MyPlots.”

He wants to have Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti perform at one of his events someday. “I want to do a MyPlots Fest one day and be the next Rolling Loud,” Schwartz said. “I want to change the world.”

For the better, one can only hope.



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