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Bill Hader in Season 2 of ‘Barry.’
Photo: HBO

‘Veep’s’ Louis-Dreyfus, ‘Barry’s’ Hader Are Back


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Selina Meyer in “Veep” is running for president.

And Barry Berkman of “Barry” is running from his previous life.

Both characters are played by Palisadians. And both shows are back on HBO Sunday night for their new seasons.

In the 10 o’clock slot is “Barry.” For its second season, Bill Hader is said to be taking his dark comedy about a hitman-turned-acting student to an even darker place.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus from season 7 of ‘Veep.’
Photo: Colleen Hayes/HBO

Up next, in the 10:30 slot, is “Veep.” In this seventh and final season, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer hits the hinterland of Iowa for her presidential campaign.

In the last episode of “Veep’s” sixth season, Selina made her decision to run for president. That episode aired nearly two years ago. A few months later, on the day after winning another Emmy for “Veep,” Louis-Dreyfus announced she had breast cancer. The series took a break during her treatment and recovery. Then, season seven was shot last fall.

With “Veep” wrapped up, Louis-Dreyfus took a few weeks off, but was back at work in January, filming a movie in Austria – a comedy-drama called “Downhill.”  It’s an English-language remake of the 2014 Swedish film “Force Majeure.”

Still filming in Austria a week into February, Louis-Dreyfus spoke by satellite with reporters gathered in Pasadena.  She said she loved being in Austria.

“I have to say, I think the people here are wonderful, and I really dig the culture.”

And they knew who this American actress is.

“As far as being recognized in Austria, where I am right now, it’s actually very international. There are people from all over the place because they come here to ski in this particular area that we’re in. So… people recognize me for all of these crazy characters that I’ve played in my life, including, you know, really silly ones like ‘Christmas Vacation.’”

Turning to HBO’s other Sunday night star from the Palisades, Bill Hader has kept a busy pace with “Barry.”

When the first season was finished, he filmed the movie “It: Chapter Two,” which will be released this September. When that wrapped, he barely had time to catch his breath because he had to start working on writing and producing the second season of “Barry.” He also directs several episodes.

Hader says being so buried in work was painful as a father. He has three kids and he’s recently divorced. Though he moved out from the family home, he’s remained in the Palisades. He tells Variety, “I think I saw my kids a total of five days all summer.” So he’s told himself he’s taking next summer off to be with them.

If he sticks to his plan, Hader won’t exactly be taking this coming summer off. But he will be working from home and able to be with his kids. He tells Variety he plans to spend the summer writing a screenplay for a movie.

Looking ahead to the new seasons of “Barry” and “Veep”  that start Sunday, “Barry” will have eight episodes. “Veep” has seven.

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