Pacific Palisades Council Meeting Summary

Community Council is addressing the early construction start at Palisades Village. Even though construction in Los Angeles is not supposed to begin before 8 a.m. on Saturday, it had already started at lease a half an hour earlier, less than a block from a residential condominium.

Community Council Updates/News

At last Thursday’s meeting, Chair George Wolfberg said that the Three Chairs committee (comprised of three former PPCC Chairs) would be announced after the election of the Area Representatives.

Residents who would like to be an Area Representative alternate on the board can announce their intention to run. The Chairs will nominate, with the help of the respective Area Representative, people to serve as alternates.

Wolfberg also announced the Big Blue Bus company (out of Santa Monica) has planned to cease operating between Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica between 7 to 10 p.m. because of lack of ridership. He was speaking to them about continuing the service.

Area 5 (Alphabet Streets) Representative Sue Kohl said she had reached out to Michael Gazzano, Caruso’s Palisades Village project director, about the too-early construction start times on Saturdays and Gazzano said he would talk to the crews.

Construction in the City of L.A. is not allowed to start before 8 a.m. on Saturdays and national holidays and must end at 6 p.m. There is no construction on Sundays. Construction is allowed from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Fridays.

Kohl said she had received a report that workers were parking at meters and in local parking lots, rather than onsite, and she was speaking with Gazzano about that, too.

A Land Use Committee meeting regarding the proposed development at the Jack in the Box site will be held on August 23, in the Palisades Library community room. The applicant filed plans with City Planning in January to build a five-story, 53-ft.-high building, with a 2:1 FAR. (Code permits a 30-ft. height and 1:1 FAR. The project would have 3,000 square feet of retail space and 40 dwelling units. Per City requirements, 49 parking spaces are proposed (37 residential and 12 commercial), plus 57 bike parking spaces. (To view the plans go to and go to Resources tab, click on “Presentations/Support,”  then scroll down to “Jack in the Box Site–Mixed-Use Project.”

The documents can also be found:

Building Plan:

Traffic Study:

LADOT Approval:



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  1. Marge Gold says:

    Besides the too-early construction start on Saturdays, there were construction workers on site on Sunday.

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