Pacific Palisades Community Council Entertains Officer Nominations by July 9

The existing officers of the PPCC were renomintaed for office for the coming year and consist of (left to right) Richard Cohen (treasurer), Chris Spitz (secretary) and  David Card (president). Not pictured is David Kaplan (vice president).

The Pacific Palisades Community Council, which represents itself to government entities as the voice of Pacific Palisades, has nominated a slate of candidates for the upcoming annual election.

The PPCC is not a typical Neighborhood Council, which means residents will not vote on individual offices. Rather the PPCC, which does not operate under the Brown Act, has its own constitution. (visit:

Those running for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer also serve as the executive committee, which can unilaterally make decisions if the entire PPCC board is not able to meet.

To determine who will be nominated to hold office, the current PPCC president appoints a committee, which this year included members Sue Kohl, Steve Cron and Cathi Ruddy.

That committee recommended keeping the same officers for next year (starting July 24): David Card (president), David Kaplan (vice president), Chris Spitz (secretary) and Richard Cohen (treasurer).

Any of the PPCC board members may nominate a candidate or candidates up until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled close of the July 9 meeting (on Zoom).

If a Pacific Palisades resident feels strongly that there should be a new person in any of the officer positions, they should reach out to their Area representatives: Joanna Spak (Area 1), Steve Cron (Area 2), Haldis Toppel (Area 3), Rick Mills (Area 4), Sue Kohl (Area 5), David Peterson (Area 6), Steve Boyers (Area 7), Reza Akef (Area 8) or at-large representative Alan Goldsmith.

One many also contact an organizational representative: Fay Vahdani (Chamber of Commerce), Barbara Marinacci (Garden Club), Amy Baker (education), Dick Wulliger (Historical Society), John Padden (PRIDE), Rick McGeagh (PPBA), Brenda Theveny (Temescal Canyon Association), Cathi Ruddy (Woman’s Club) and Jan Ostendorf (PPRA).

If there are any contested offices, a candidates forum shall be held. Then the board will vote by written secret ballot. Otherwise, if a candidate is unopposed he/she will win by acclamation.

Also scheduled for the July 9 meeting is LAFD Deputy Chief Armando Hogan, Commander, West Bureau.  Hogan will speak on wildfires and safety and the potential impact of the City budget on operations. Questions are welcomed.

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Meeting ID:  984 6897 6366

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