Oceanaires Serenade Lee Calvert

Lee (center) is serenaded by an Oceannaires quartet.

The Oceanaires, who every year perform singing Valentines, were booked to sing on Valentine’s Day for Palisades own Lee Calvert, 99 (she’ll be 100 in August).

Alas, she had a medical emergency, but on March 13, she was properly serenaded with love songs by a fantastic quartet.

The Oceanaires, an a capella chorus, has been singing on the Westside for more than 40 years. Every year for a small fee, they send a quartet to the selected person’s home and not only sing for them, but also give them a balloon and a personalized message.

Singer Alan Hansen, who is also an Optimist member reported, that “Lee was in good spirits and graciously received our happy love songs. We added a pink rose, a card, a balloon plus a couple of ‘bonus’ tunes as well just for fun.”

To see about upcoming Oceanaires concerts and other events, visit oceanaires.org.

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2 Responses to Oceanaires Serenade Lee Calvert

  1. Nancy Lingemann says:

    Sue, many thanks from my mother, Lee Calvert. She had a wonderful time, and the Oceanaires were just great! I was reminded when I heard their song, “Down by the old Millstream,” that I have a great black and white photo of Lee when “she was 16,” as the song lyrics go, and she was also “dressed in gingham, too!” She was in a play called “Maid in the Ozarks” in a theater in downtown L.A. and the star of the play was actually Robert Mitchum, who was a new actor in town. Just for fun, I’d like to email the picture to Alan Hansen or to you, but I don’t have the email addresses. Thank you again, Sue!

  2. Lee Calvert says:

    Sue, it was wonderful!!!! in spite of my “nearly ‘broken neck’ =– I loved it. I was so touched ad sooo9 apprciative …THANK YOU – you are such a dear…. I do love that group and so pleased they are still active. I know how busy you are, but hope in the near future we an have coffee and chat – love all you do for us – Palisadians who love our town….

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