Obsessed Provides Perfect Valentine Gifts

This one of a kind piece of art, a Passio Creation, includes beaded gemstones.

Amy Russo and Michelle Good’s jewelry store, Obsessed, located on Sunset, near Wells Fargo and next to Naturella Beauty Center has some unique items that will make perfect Valentine gifts.

The store, which has been at this location for two years, is “a collection of all the things that we are obsessed with,” said Russo, who lives in Pacific Palisades. Good lives in Brentwood.

Each Passio piece is unique.

For example, this is the only store in town that carries Passio Creations.

Each piece is created by hand by artist Elyssa Furst. Initially, she designed jewelry, but when she had children, she took a break. The gems she worked with were stored in her garage—and then Covid hit.

She pulled them out and created art with the semi-precious stones beading them into artwork. The exquisite pieces are one-of-a kind and retail from $200 to $600.

The store’s jewelry, which includes 14k gold and sterling silver, with pavé set diamonds, and semi-precious stones, is sold at wholesale prices.

“It gives us great pleasure to be able to provide these unique gems at affordable prices,” Russo and Good said. Price points for a wide variety of necklaces ranges from $100 to $1,000.

The Amethyst candle stick holders ($198) are truly amazing and will be a focal point in any home. As a bonus, it is also believed that amethyst is a spiritual healing stone and can be used for protection against fear, and also instill calmness.

An amethyst candle holder can be purchased at Obsessed.

There are a variety of gemstones necklaces ($28) and each has its own spiritual property. Russo and Good can help direct you to the stone you feel would be most beneficial.

Or just celebrate Valentine’s Day with a simple rose quartz heart ($40).  It is the stone of unconditional love and is believed by some to emit strong vibrations of love. Rose quartz is directly related to the heart chakra.

In addition to the jewelry, there are crystals and crystal wands, scented candles,

Crystals have been used for healing ceremonies, meditation and energy circles for centuries.

In Obsessed you can purchase the raw stone or wear it. With the purchase of your crystal will receive a card explaining the qualities of your crystal.

“Whether it is a piece that has a symbol like a compass, star, moon or a crystal that has healing properties like moonstone (new beginnings), clear quartz (powerful cleansing and immunity) or Amethyst, our clients often connect with the pieces we sell not only because they like them, but because they tell the story of something special in their lives,” Good said.

The store is located at 15224 Sunset. Email karmamgood@gmail.com or call (310) 502-3859 click here.

For Valentine’s Day, make it simple with a rose quartz heart.

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