OBITUARY – Ann Lewis, 104, Actress, Mother, Long-time Resident

Pacific Palisades Co-Honorary Mayors Billy and Janice Crystal crowned Anne Lewis, 100, as the oldest female attending the Woman’s Club 90th Birthday Party, in 2019.

Anne Lewis who was born on January 25, 1919, in Columbus, Ohio. She passed away on September 8 at her condo on Sunset Boulevard. She was 104.

Lewis, who grew up in White Plains, New York, met her husband Herbert at a resort in upstate New York.

She was an accomplished actress and had her own television show in Atlanta. She gave up show business to marry Herbert Lewis on October 16, 1941, a marriage that would last nearly 75 years.

After the war Herb worked for the Bulova Watch Company for 35 years, and later the Allison Kaufman diamond manufacturing company. The couple moved 13 times before settling in the Palisades in 1967.

When driving through the town, Anne saw the ocean, she said it reminded her of her hometown of White Plains and knew this was the place for them.

They lived for 40 years in an apartment on Tramonto (until the entire complex was torn down about six years ago) before relocating to Sunset Boulevard near Muskingum.

As Herb continued to travel, Anne stayed at home to raise their son Mark. She also participated in Theatre Palisades starring in “Driving Miss Daisy.”

The couple celebrated their 50th anniversary by taking a trip on the ocean liner the Queen Elizabeth and flying back on one of the Concorde’s last flights—and of course “all the way we got champagne,” Anne said.

On the couple’s 60th anniversary, they went on an Africa safari.

When Herb turned 74 in 1989, Anne sent him to Dodger Adult Camp in Vero Beach, because she thought he might enjoy playing the game that he grew up to love in Philadelphia. He continued to play and at age 87 he was honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame for being the oldest hardball player in organized baseball in the country.

His Dodgertown teammates in Vero Beach in 2005 presented Lewis with a “Player of the Century” award, which was on display in the couples living room.

In a June 2014 story in Dodger Insider (“99-year-old prospect”), Anne said. “At our age, you look back at the joy you’ve had in life. Herb had so much fun with baseball. And now we take life day by day.”

Anne was asked by a local reporter to describe their relationship.  She said, “Herb’s an optimist, I’m more the realist. He’s the one with a positive attitude about life and people. I’m his best listener, and we laugh together.”

In June 2013, both attended the Woman’s Club 90th birthday party and Anne said, “It’s been a beautiful life, beautiful life. I have been so blessed in so many ways. I’m really a lucky lady. I’m grateful to have lived it with him.”

Anne was the caretaker for Herb, until he died in 2015 at age 100.

As a widow, Anne spoke about her marriage. “It’s being in love with the right person. So many wonderful memories we shared. We traveled the world, all the continents. He was so vibrant, he touched everybody we met.”

She regularly attended the Woman’s Club 90th birthday party and on 100th birthday, she was crowned the oldest female by Billy and Janice Crystal.

Her neighbor Alison Burmeister said, “She was such a cool lady.” Burmeister visited and occasionally just sat next to her. “She did repeat a few times, ‘I’m happy.’”

“I’m happy she is at peace,” Burmeister said.

She is survived by his son, Mark, grandson, Brian and his great-grandchildren.

Neighbor Skyla Burmeister celebrates with Anne Lewis at her 102 birthday.




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  1. Mary cole says:

    Sue- just want to say how much I enjoyed being able to listen to the
    Oceanaires- haven’t heard them in so long!

    Thanks for that!

  2. Judith Freed says:

    Thank you for printing Ann’s obituary. It was good to know that she lived long and see photos of her and family. She was a lovely and talented person. Many years ago she and I worked with several other women to put on lively parody musicals as fund-raisers for our local ORT group. She was delightful to work with and we all had so much fun. I remember her very fondly.

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