Nominate a Local Hero: Help Them Win a Free Trash-Bin Cleaning from Palisades Pitstop

The Palisades Pitstop, located in the parking lot behind Garden Café, is best known as a place to get one’s car detailed and cleaned. It now also offers a hard-to-find service here in town: cleaning and sanitizing residential trash cans. In fact, the Pitstop won the 2019 Best of Pacific Palisades award for trash-bin cleaning.

On April 13, Pitstop co-owners Lindsey and Kevin Miller announced that they will honor a Pacific Palisades hero each week and provide a complimentary curbside trash-can cleaning service.

“In times like these, we see the best of our community–people who step up and become heroes,” Lindsey said. “People who are taking risks to take care of the rest of us. We want to honor and give back to them.”

The Pitstop truck will come to a resident’s house and disinfect, sanitize and deodorize the bins.

“Right now, people want everything cleaned, disinfected and sanitized more than ever,” Kevin said. “With the stay-at-home order, having clean trash bins has become a priority for many households.”

Using a special truck, workers impeccably clean the bins of trash spills, neighbors’ dog poop, and various bugs. Since we’re required to basically stay at home 24/7, our residential bins are fuller–and messier–than ever.

The Millers, who have four boys, are asking residents to nominate people who are heroes in this time of need, such as nurses, doctors, first responders and other volunteers. One can nominate  a local hero by tagging them and Palisades Pitstop at Facebook @PalisadesPitStop, by Instagram @PaliPitStop or email

When Kevin moved to California from Ohio in 2000, his first job was with Westside Rentals, partnering with Mark and Lonnie Verge, who are Pacific Palisades residents.

Kevin and his wife moved to the Palisades in 2012, and when Westside Rentals was sold in 2017, he stayed on with the new owners until the transition was complete on May 1, 2018.

He was looking for a family business and in February 2019, the Millers purchased the Pitstop from owners Marilyn and Gary Mons. The family rode in the back of a truck during last year’s Palisades Fourth of July parade.

The Millers are trying to keep the business going during the pandemic and have had to lay off some of their car-wash employees, since it’s considered a non-essential service.

Residents can help support this local, family-owned business with bin cleanings until citywide car washes are reopened – and beyond.

Visit: or call (310) 573-9274.

Lindsey and Kevin Miller, and their family, are the owners of the Palisades Pitstop.

(Editor’s note: Ever since my husband saw me trying to clean out a black garbage bin with a hose, dishwashing soap and a sponge and then ending up halfway inside in the bin, like an amusing “I Love Lucy” episode, he has used this company. There is no comparison to who has the superior cleaning method.)


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