New Uses for Police Station on Monument?

This building is found at the corner of Monument and Swarthmore.

Readers Are Asked to Suggest Some Ideas

A resident who lives in the Alphabet Streets and walks through Palisades Village several times daily wrote Circling the News that he never sees any LAPD officers in the unfurnished kiosk at Swarthmore and Monument.

The sign on the “building” says Los Angeles Police Department

CTN decided to ask a few people who live in the area to suggest some possible uses for the kiosk.

“Why don’t they make a little art gallery? There’s a kiosk downtown that has pop-up art exhibits. This one here could be the smallest in L.A.–maybe with a piece of art in each window.”

Another person suggested, “Why not use it to house Mr. Steadfast?”  And somebody else proposed opening it up to “sell flowers.”

Please send your suggestions for how Rick Caruso might put this kiosk to good use. And no, we already think there are enough clothing stores.


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8 Responses to New Uses for Police Station on Monument?

  1. Don Treiman says:

    Perhaps it would be best to just remove it. If I remember correctly, it is actually sitting on the public right of way (sidewalk) not Mr. Caruso’s property. The space would be better used for bike racks.

  2. Tom Meade says:

    Strolling Barbershop Quartet’s home base.

  3. Stan says:

    Why not use it for the LAPD? Did you ask about that? I thought that was the purpose of the building.

  4. Marge Gold says:

    Why not use it as a mini LAPD sub station where our officers could go to write reports. I have heard they need to return to the WLA station to do this.

  5. Kathleen Jensen says:

    A mini Randy’s or Sidecar Donuts!

  6. KC says:

    Why a new use? Why isn’t it being used for the intended purpose?

  7. Stan says:

    Any update Sue?

  8. Sue says:


    Since a few astute readers pointed out that the building could be illegal or illegally placed, I contacted Building and Safety, who sent me to Street Services. That department said they would get back to me – as soon as I hear back, I will report on it. Sue

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