New Store for Palisades Village?

Merlin’s Hide Out Sells Bison Coats

This bison coat and hat can be purchased at Merlin’s Hide Out.


When Caruso looked for new stores for Palisades Village that were NOT chain stores, did anyone suggest Merlin’s Hide Out? Probably not, bison whiskers may not be the top of a shopping list in Pacific Palisades. . ..but with Halloween in the future. . ..

Merlin’s Hide Out, established in 1999 in Thermopolis, Wyoming, sells hand-made crafts worldwide. The majority of the products are tanned and hand made at the facility in Thermopolis, and include products made from bison, such as leather vests, wallets, hats, bison wool boot socks and, of course, bison coats.

Merlin’s handmade coats were used in the movie “The Hateful Eight” directed by Quentin Tarantino. The December 2015 film received three Oscar Nominations: Best Cinematography, Best Actress in a Supporting role and Best Original Score. Ennio Morricone received his first Academy Award for the score. The Western film was about eight strangers who seek shelter in a stagecoach stopover during a blizzard.

Visit: or call: (855)-826-2833.

A beard might make a nice start to a Halloween costume, and can be purchased online.

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