Netflix/Bay Theater Receives Positive Reviews

The Bay Theater has reopened through Netflix.

On December 16, Circling the News noted that the Bay Theater at 1035 Swarthmore had reopened and was showing numerous films daily.

Although CTN’s editor has not yet made it to a movie there, she reached out to readers about the experience, and several responded.

One senior citizen wrote, “We have seen four films at the Netflix  Bay Theater and each one has been a pleasure. We have been spaced well but actually, there was no need because we’ve never had more than 12 attendees at any of [these films]…headed by Tick Tick Boom. Boy, was that joyous entertainment!”

The reader noted that tickets are $10 for seniors, but “I worry that if more people don’t attend, we could lose it. I know Netflix is probably loaded financially, but still.”

The reader knows that many seniors are worried about indoor settings, but “if you are VERY cautious, attend on a weekday. We’ve been alone in a theater (once) and with not more than six seats filled.”

Another reader wrote, “Two weeks ago, I stopped to look inside the Bay Theater to see what, if anything, had changed. I was interested in seeing the new Lin-Manuel Miranda film “Tick Tick Boom!” and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my senior movie ticket cost only $10.

“Later, I received an invitation from the Malibu Film Society to a matinee screening of the same movie at Bay Theater,” the reader added. This time the movie was followed by an in-person Q&A with actor Andrew Garfield and director Lin-Manuel Miranda. “I enjoyed the movie even more the second time and I predict Andrew wins the best-actor Oscar for his performance.”

The reader said that popcorn, a bottle of water and a tip came to $20.  “However, the lower ticket prices are great and should draw many back to the theater.” Also, the theater adheres to the mask mandate and proof of vaccination.

To learn what movie is playing and showtimes in the five theaters (which have leather reclining seats), reserved seating, and a dinner menu and full bar, go to, or visit:

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