“Nancy Drew Detectives” Aid LAPD

This is a person of interest in the theft of two motorcycles.

Residents on Baylor Street, near Sunset, experienced a robbery sometime late in the evening/early morning on September 27 and 28. While the husband slept, a side window was pried open and unknown person(s) entered the house.

The criminals took items from the bedroom, entered the garage, opened the door and took two motorcycles from the garage. They dropped a realistic looking airsoft gun on the front lawn.

The resident said, “Luckily my husband slept through the entire incident and discovered the missing motorcycles in the morning when he was leaving for work.”

The resident posted the crime on Nextdoor and wrote, “It isn’t clear how they got in—my husband found the garage door half-open and at least two motorcycles stolen from the garage. The car in the driveway was untouched.”

The couple asked for any camera footage and noted that a police report was made.

Late Saturday afternoon, the couple was surprised when they received a message on Nextdoor that there was an abandoned motorcycle behind an apartment building on Sunset between Las Casas and Baylor.

The couple said that “delightful young women had become suspicious about someone working on a motorcycle near their apartment building on Saturday morning and took photos.”

The resident said, “It as if I was living in the midst of a Nancy Drew story as they excitedly told the police and us about their detective work. The local officers who responded were wonderful with them and gave them LAPD stickers. “

LAPD forensics detectives swabbed the bike for DNA to possibly identify the person who was “working” on the bike. The man, who appears to be wearing an Alfred Coffee T-shirt, has a cast on his arm and distinctive tattoos and a gold ring.

Residents asked, “Can anyone in the area of Sunset/Baylor please check any street facing cameras from Saturday morning (likely between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) for this guy? Please contact LAPD Brian Espin, 37430@lapd.online or (310) 444-0737.

The residents are also searching for the second motorcycle, a 2013 BMW S1000RR, which may still be in the neighborhood.

A BMW 2013 motorcycle, that looks like this, is still missing.

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